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I’m Tired Of Dating Games. I Want A Mature Love That I Won’t Have To Question


I don’t want to play games. I want a love that is mature. A love that I won’t have to question. A love that I will call mine. 

After all, love is not supposed to be hard. It is supposed to be easy and fun. It is supposed to calm your heart and give you peace of mind. 

I want a love that feels safe. A love that will inspire me to become a better person every single day.

And I understand that we as people can be difficult and unlovable at times. But, I want to be with someone who would not give up on me. Someone who will stay with me through thick and thin.

Because I am tired of dealing with emotionally immature people. I am tired of playing cat and mouse. I am tired of those who give up every time things get hard or too “serious.”

I want a love that doesn’t judge. A love that doesn’t keep score. A love that doesn’t compete. A love that is not bitter, but it is forgiving.

I want a mature kind of love.

A love that is patient, genuine, and sincere. A healthy one. Free of neediness, jealousy, and control.

I want to be in a relationship where I can always say whatever is on my mind without being afraid that I would mess things up. I want to have a partner with whom I can communicate about things. If something doesn’t feel right, I want to talk about it with them. And I want to know that they will be always willing to work things out and find a solution that will be acceptable for both of us. 

I want a love that will set us free. I don’t want us to be dependent on each other. I want us to keep our independence because that’s what makes us – us.

I think everyone deserves a love like this. And I hope we will be mature enough to fight for it and accept our partner as they are, instead of our preconceived ideals of what they should be like and how love is supposed to be and feel.

We are all different. But, what matters is that we love and support each other and are willing to spend our future together. 

Mary Wright