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The Excruciating Pain Of Meeting The Right Person At The Wrong Time


Maybe your right person was your first love, the person that you loved the deepest. Maybe the intensity and the passion that you’ve felt anytime you were around them was something that you were not able to experience once again. You were probably wondering how a person can feel so happy and so sad at the same time.

Well, finding your destined person, the person who’ll be your partner for life is one of the most amazing things in the world. Unfortunately, your right person does not always come in the right timing. And that is what creates all the pain and all the difference.

Of course, your right person may not appear at the wrong time, but it can happen. And I can understand all of you who believe that if you do meet the right person for you, the person who you will love with your whole soul, there can’t be a wrong timing because you’ll both make it work and overcome any differences.

Yes. This sounds wonderful. But sadly, sometimes life has a horrible sense of humor and has a way to remind you once again that life is not a romantic comedy.

In real life, we as humans are extremely complicated and we tend to complicate every situation and relationship that we get in. And even if we get to meet our soulmate, if we ourselves are not in the right place or we are not the person that we need to be – then the relationship is doomed.

Relationships do not always fail because the person you are with didn’t love you or turned out to be wrong for you. They can love you with all their heart and be the right person for you, but if you are not the person you are meant to be then the relationship will often fail.

And this goes both ways. If your partner is not at the place of his life where they can be a devoted and loving partner – the relationship will fail as well.

We all can have many excuses as to why we are not in the place in our lives when we want a serious relationship. Some of us may say that we need to focus on our careers first. Some will say that they need to experience some more adventures and go on many trips before they settle down.

People can give you all different kinds of excuses, but the truth is – you or your partner are not capable to love completely and wholeheartedly. You are not prepared to love the other person the way they need to be loved.

If we are about to settle, we should only settle for a love that is passionate, intoxicating, and all-consuming and at the same time supportive, caring, warm, and calm. The can’t live without each other love. A love that is an embodiment of loving in a pure, deep, and selfless manner.

The main problem that occurs when you meet your right person is that at that exact moment you may not be ready to give yourself to them in a romantic way and be committed to them. You may not be ready to make the necessary compromises and give up on some things to devote yourself wholly to your partner.   

The purest, deepest love is when both partners share a piece of themselves with the other person. When their emotions, thoughts, and desires are being shared and reciprocated by their partner. When there is a mutual desire to be together. 

But, what happens when you are with the right person, but you feel like you cannot love them the way they need to be loved? There is only one thing that you must do – you must let them go.

I understand that this might be the most difficult thing for you, but when you truly love someone you want the best for them. And if at this time you are not the best thing for them, then you put their happiness first and you walk away.

You decide to leave them to find their deserved love and happiness with someone else, and you know in your heart that if you two are meant to be together – you may find your way back when you are both ready.

Until then, you love them from apart. Some people are lucky to meet the right person at the right time. But for some people, it may not be that easy. However, one must not lose hope.

After all, love is the purpose of life. It’s the only thing worth fighting for.  

Mary Wright


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