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If Your Partner Isn’t Your First Priority, Please Leave: You Are Wasting Their Time

If Your Partner Isn’t Your Priority, Please Leave: You Are Wasting Their Time

True love is not a game, nor a joke, nor a quote. True love is life.

It’s how you treat someone. What you do for those you care for. How much you are willing to sacrifice for the people in your life. True love is a connection between two imperfect individuals. It is a sacred union of both the heart and the soul. True love is choosing one person every single day, for the rest of your lives. It’s being there for them. There to wipe their tears. There to offer them your shoulder to cry on. There to hold their hand when life gets tough. There to spend an eternity together.

If you can’t be this person for your partner and love them in a real way, you don’t deserve them. You don’t deserve to be a part of their life. You don’t deserve to hold their hand. You don’t deserve to share a future together. You don’t deserve their affection.

So, if they are not your first choice, please leave. Just let go of them and move on. Don’t treat them like one of your options. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t think that you can get away with your games. They won’t put up with you for long.

If your partner isn’t your first priority, don’t gaze into their eyes the way you do. Don’t whisper softly in their ear how much you love them. Don’t tell sugary lies. Lies that you know won’t last long. Don’t let them get comfortable just so you can get inside their world and ruin their life.

If your partner isn’t your first choice, don’t pretend to love them. Don’t pretend to be yourself with them, when it’s clear as a day that you are playing a game. Don’t treat them like a fool. Don’t ask them how they feel, don’t ask them about their past mistakes. Don’t beg them to give you the key to their heart. Don’t awaken their love if you have no intention of loving them back.

If your partner isn’t your first priority, please walk away. Let them know how you really feel and then leave. Just like that. Without disturbing their peace. Without hurting them. Leave instead of playing games with them. Leave instead of wasting their time. Leave instead of pretending to be THE ONE. Leave before no one gets hurt.

Leave quietly and never ever look back.

Stephanie Reeds