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How to Help an Alcoholic in Recovery: Getting to Grips With the Process


If someone you love is trying to overcome an alcohol addiction, it’s important to understand the recovery process. Here’s how to help an alcoholic in recovery.

86.3% of people can say that they’ve taken a sip of alcohol before in their life, and even more can say that the sip they took led to a growing addiction and alcoholism. If you’ve got a loved one that’s trying to break free from alcoholism, you must understand what an alcoholic in recovery goes through and how you can help.

In this article, we will provide you with ways to be there for your loved one during recovery and provide them with the support they need.

Prepare For the Future

One of the ways that you can help a loved one through recovery is by being prepared for the future. This could mean facing financial challenges because addicts find themselves in trouble with the law and having to pay legal fees.

Or it could mean supporting them until they can find a job and increase their income. Preparing for the future also means being on the lookout for signs that the alcoholic has begun drinking again. Catching these signs early can help to prevent a relapse from happening.

You’ll also need to prepare for the journey you’ve got ahead of yourself when it comes to rebuilding the broken relationship between you and the addict.

Understand Relapse is Normal

Some addicts will come out of rehab and never retake another sip of alcohol in their lives. But, for others, the environmental and social pressures of trying to get back on their feet may cause them to stumble.

One of the largest reasons that addicts relapse is being overwhelmed with trying to get back into daily life and the disappointment of things not going their way as quickly as they imagined. During this time, remind them that you see there trying and will help support them until something goes.

And that hard work pays off and that if you’ve not given up on them, they shouldn’t be giving up on themselves.

Make Life Changes

If you’re opening your home to a recovering addict, ensure that the environment is conducive to them. Create an environment free of all alcoholic substances that would tempt them to relapse instead of focusing on their treatment.

The atmosphere the recovering addict is in should support their new lifestyle changes and further support their recovery.

Take Care of Yourself

It can be draining to take care of and support a recovering alcoholic; that’s why your self-care is just as important. You need to ensure that you’re not drained entirely and unable to do things you wish to do at the end of the day.

Your loved one will have to have boundaries that make relying on you for everything unnecessary. The same limits that are applied in treatment should be the same boundaries that apply outside of treatment.

Supporting An Alcoholic in Recovery

When you’re supporting an alcoholic in recovery, it can take a lot of energy. But, when you follow the steps above and educate yourself about the road ahead, you can help ensure they remain on the right path.

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David Smith