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If You Are Heartbroken, Trust That God Has Someone Better For You


I understand how you are feeling. I know your pain. I can see the heartbreak all over your body. Your internal wounds are showing on your face. The scars on your soul are showing in your eyes that look devastated and tired. I can see you’ve been crying at night. Your face has lost its vitality and healthy color. I sense apathy in you, nothing seems to make you happy.

I know your pain. I am familiar with the troublesome sentiments that are plaguing your mind day and night. I can feel your joyful and optimistic nature been overshadowed by hopelessness and despair. I understand that you may have lost hope but I want you to listen to me.

Listen to me when I tell you that this is not the end. This ending is not the end of the world (even it may look like that to you now) but an opportunity for a fresh start with someone new. For every loss, there is a win, and for every painful breakup, there is a healing and resurrection. That’s the circle of life.

When you are heartbroken, believe in God. Believe that this happened for a reason because God has something better planned for you.

If you are heartbroken trust in God. Don’t lose hope. Trust that the pain was meant to occur to teach you a lesson so that you can grow stronger and more resilient than ever. All that happened was to prepare you for the real thing that is coming next.

If someone has broken your heart, please know that you’ll find someone better for you. Someone worthy of your love and attention. Someone kind soul will perfectly match yours.

God is watching over you. You only have to believe that he will deliver someone who will show you a new and improved version of what love looks like – someone who will mend your heart instead of breaking it.

Image: Sabrina Guthier

Mary Wright