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The Ultimate Way Of Dealing With A Psychopath – A 8 Step Plan

You identified someone as a psychopath. Now what? The term ‘psychopath’ can be used synonymously with any anti-social narcissistic and sociopathic personality disorders.

When you have to deal with these people, you must do it from a place of strength. You must stay aware that you are dealing with a psychopath and prepare yourself beforehand.

And what’s the best way of dealing with them?


You must stop any contact with them. This might be easier said than done, but you have to do it. Of course, the complexity of severing ties with the psychopath depends mainly on the depth of your relationship with them. If you had a casual one, then cutting them off may be a lot easier for you.

However, if your relationship is a business one or a long-lasting relationship – then, it will be harder for you to break it off.  Ceasing any type of communication with them is the first and the most important step towards removing them effectively from your life.


Don’t try to confront them. Rather, be extremely secretive and cautious about your plans to cut them off. Also, don’t be the good guy or girl that you are and try to warn other people about them. It will backfire on you really quick. Because these excellent manipulators will turn everyone against you and make you look like you are the bad one.


Ask for professional help from a therapist or a counselor that have experience with dealing with psychopaths. Because sometimes you’ll need someone to help you keep your focus on your physical and mental health after dealing with the psychopath who will most likely not let you go in a peaceful manner.


Psychopaths will drain you not only emotionally and mentally but also materially. They will try to take away from you as much as they can – money, status, power, reputation, you name it. If they see you as a threat to them, they will do anything to destroy you. Don’t let them. Avoid them at all costs and don’t let them get close to you or anything that you hold dear.


If the psychopath attacks you, don’t respond. And if you need to communicate something to them, then do it silently and unshakably – like a rock. The psychopath must realize that you can’t be manipulated or forced into an argument. Stand your ground, keep your posture and positive demeanor, be confident and smile. Don’t show weakness at any cost.


Expect anything – denial, slander, attack, defamation, conning claims… A psychopath will use everything they have to win. So, be prepared for literally anything.


Keep hard copies of your conversations with the psychopath. Write down their statements and document every interaction you had with them. You’ll never know when you’ll need them the most. Be mindful of your own words, act like everything is recorded. And one day, if the need arises, and you get accused by friends or family – you have your truth.


You are not the bad person, you are not the perpetrator. You are the victim of the psychopath. Forgive yourself for believing in their false words and acting like a fool. You are not a fool. You are a human being with an honest and genuine heart and it’s not your fault that you got manipulated by that wicked toxic individual.

Forgive yourself, learn from your experience, and never let it happen again.

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Mary Wright

Mary Wright

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