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If We Stopped Meddling In Other People’s Business, We’d All Be Happier

If We Stopped Meddling In Other People’s Business, We’d All Be Happier

Why do we keep getting involved in other people’s lives? Why do we behave as if we have the right to tell them what’s bad and what’s good for them?

Believe me, it helps no one. It only triggers frustration in people and makes them lose their trust in you. It is the most distasteful, toxic, and annoying habit that a person can have. Yet, it happens more and more around us. Whether it’s at home, at work, or someplace else, some people think they have the right to always stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

Some do it because they want to help. This is usually the case with friends. They see us going through a painful time in life and since they care for us, they offer to help. They don’t want to see us distressed and they would do anything to make us feel better. And so, they offer a piece of advice. They do whatever they can do help us get back on our feet, but in the meantime, they forget that there is a limit that they mustn’t cross, no matter how much we’re struggling in life. The truth is, help is welcomed and very much appreciated until it becomes too much to bear. It is one thing to offer your hand as a friend, but quite another to become a pushy individual who forces people to follow their advice and shouts “I told you so.” Don’t be that person! What people choose to do with their lives is none of your business.

Some do it because they are miserable with their lives. And because they enjoy a good drama. I bet you know people like this. In fact, we all do. People who enjoy poking their nose in other people’s business need to find faults, hear about issues, and witness struggles in other people’s lives in order to feel better. This is a common habit of those who have no life. Those who suffer from low self-confidence, insecurity, and live their lives in fear. They find it hard to bring change into their lives, so they take pleasure in others’ misfortune. They enjoy comparing themselves to others. So when someone is happier than them, they feel instantly threatened, insecure, envious, and hateful. But when someone is suffering the same way they do, they feel relief. Knowing that they are not the only miserable people lifts their mood instantly. It’s really strange how someone’s tragedy can be someone’s happiness, but it is what it is. This world is full of emotional leeches. People who exist to interfere in other people’s lives and find joy in people’s misery.

Just imagine what this world would be like if we’d stop meddling in other people’s business, even for a few hours. Hard to visualize it, isn’t it? That’s because we are all too involved in things that don’t concern us.

We’ve got all the time in the world, and yet, we choose to waste it on things that don’t add any real value to our lives. Things that won’t help us become better people. Things that won’t teach us the real values. Things that won’t allow us to experience life in all its splendor.

Let’s stop, shall we? Right here, right now. Let’s promise ourselves that we’ll no longer give a damn what others do, think, want, or have. And let’s focus on ourselves, for a change. Let’s invest all of our time and energy into things that will help us grow and move forward, not shrink us down and destroy our lives. 

Our time here is limited anyways. So, let’s make it worthwhile. 

Stephanie Reeds