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If Two Lovers Are Destined To Be Together, They Will Find Their Way Back Again


For so long I’ve been feeling like a vital piece of me was missing. I would wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning after yet another dream of you and me together, happy and in love just like in the old days. I would spend the whole night asking myself where I went wrong and how in the world did you and I have gone our separate ways.

The book that you gave me was left to dust on my shelf, never being opened again. Your favorite shit that you were sleeping in went untouched in the closed, however, I never had the courage to throw it away.

There are still places, foods, and movies that I cannot visit, taste, or watch again because they remind me of you and give me the empty feeling that we are no longer together.

And every birthday I would get an urge to call you, and every time I’d stop myself from doing it because I was scared to find that you hadn’t missed me at all.

The truth was, you took a piece of me when you left, and I have never felt whole again.

I never told anyone that every night I prayed for you to come back.

Then, one day – it happened! Your name appeared on my phone screen just like I imagined. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was both excited and afraid of what was going to happen next.

Small talk led to making plans to meet. I have imagined the day that I will see you again so much, that when it finally came I was freaking out and a million thoughts were running wild in my mind. However, all this anxiety stopped the moment I saw you.

I felt calm. I felt comfortable. I felt like you were never gone. I felt whole again because I’ve found the missing piece from my life – you.

Because you meant so much more to me than just someone I had once loved. You taught me that true love doesn’t fade away with the passing of time. You taught me that true love is strong enough to overcome any problems and heartbreaks.

You gave me hope and fate. You filled my heart with hope and belief that one day we will be together again because we are destined to be.  

I am glad that I never stopped believing in us because now I am the happiest person than I’ve ever been.

Mary Wright