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7 Types Of Toxic People You Need To Stay The Hell Away From


We’ve all heard by now to stay away from toxic people at all costs. The problem that you might face though, is not knowing who really fits this category and who doesn’t. Just like everyone is different, toxic people are also different from one another.

These people come in all shapes and sizes, but there are 7 types of toxic people you need to stay the hell away from.

1. Drama Magnets

It’s like no matter where they go, drama follows them everywhere. These people are constantly surrounded with it. They purposefully create it or follow it wherever they can. If you accuse them of loving drama though, they will completely deny it. They may not even realize that they’re doing it, but they are.

2. Gossip Lovers

The only thing more interesting than talking about themselves is talking about other people. Gossiping is their favorite pastime. They love to spread rumors about anyone and everyone. If someone knows something that they don’t, they have to find it out immediately.  

3. Shiny People

On the outside, they’re shiny, beautiful people who seem to have their whole lives together. They constantly talk about themselves and brag about their achievements. It’s all an act though. On the inside, they’re terrible people who are frightened of someone seeing the real them. Their shiny exterior is a front to hide who they really are inside.

4. Emotional Vampires

Just as it sounds, an emotional vampire will suck the life out of you. Playing the victim is their number one tactic. They constantly need people’s attention and sympathy. They’ll even lie that something terrible has happened just to get people to feel bad for them.

5. Reality Shifters

These are some of the most dangerous people out there. No matter what happens, they will twist the truth to fit their narrative. If they do something wrong, it’s because of someone else. When you’re upset, you’re just being overdramatic and need to “calm down”.

6. Green-Eyed Monsters

These kinds of toxic people live by the phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side.” They want whatever everyone else has and are never happy with what they’ve got. When someone close to them achieves something great, they’re never happy for them, they’re just jealous.

7. Human Tanks

A tank is something that destroys everything in its path. Human tanks are no different. They storm their way through life, causing havoc, and not worrying about how they’re affecting other people. All they care about is looking after themselves, even if that means being completely destructive in the process.

More than likely, you will encounter at least one of these types of toxic people at some point in your life. When you do, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Trust me, you want nothing to do with these people. All they will do is suck the happiness from your life and destroy you.

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Eva Jackson