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If Something Is Meant For You, No One And Nothing Will Stop You From Getting It

If Something Is Meant For You, No One And Nothing Will Stop You From Getting It

The universe has a way of working in your favor, no matter how hard it is to sometimes notice that. Everything and I mean literally everything that you experience on your journey is for a reason. And a quite good reason, if I may add. It is all a lesson. Something that you must find a way to accept and learn in order to keep moving forward.

So, trust me when I say that, if something is meant for you, no one and nothing will stop you from reaching it. You will most likely be faced with some obstacles along the road that you will need to overcome, but know this… What is meant for you, will ultimately find its way to you.

More importantly…

If something it’s meant for you, it won’t hurt you. It won’t feel like you are fighting a battle. It won’t attack you and bring out all of your deepest fears and insecurities. It won’t destroy your life or break your entire heart into pieces. What is meant for you will give you the strength that you need. It will lift you up and fill your life with light. It will make you sure that you’ve finally found what you’ve been searching for.

If something is destined for you, it won’t make you feel like less. It won’t make you lose your sense of self. It won’t make you forget about your worth. It won’t change the way you see yourself. It will only add up to your value and get out the best of you.

If something is meant to cross your path, it won’t make you doubt it. You will be certain the minute you experience or see it in front of you. For the first time in your life, you will know that this is it. This is exactly what you’ve searched for your entire life. This person, this thing, this experience will only bring you closer to who you truly are. Help you reconnect to you0r authentic self. It something is meant for you, you will simply feel it in your soul.

Above all, if something is destined to become a part of your life, you won’t have to chase it to get it. You won’t have to struggle to make it happen. You won’t have to spend your days crying and praying to God for it to finally appear in your life. You won’t have to turn your life upside down. Instead, it will just show up least expect it. You will only have to open your arms and let it in.

It’s true. These kinds of experiences, or shall I say, miracles don’t happen that often. But when they do… they come like waves. When they are finally there after everything you’ve endured and everything you’ve been, when you can finally see them and reach them, they come slowly and they wash away the dirt of all those painful memories.

They fix everything broken part of you and they help you heal…

So, believe it. I know it sounds impossible, but please do.

What is meant for you, will never miss you. And what missed you, was never meant for you.

Stephanie Reeds