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If Someone Cares About You They Will Make An Effort To Be There For You


I am sick and tired of listening to people about how the person they are dating haven’t called them for 3 days, or how they haven’t seen each other for over a week. Why? Well, because I cannot get it through my mind why a person would put up with such childish, manipulative and insensitive behavior.

It’s really not rocket science, you guys. It’s simple. If someone cares about you, they will make an effort to be there for you. They will reschedule their plans, they will bend over backward, they will cancel other meetings, they will try as hard as they can, but they will find time for you and they will show up at your door. They will hold your hand, cuddle you until you fall asleep and make sure you feel safe.

A person who cares for you will never forget to call you up and ask you how your day went. Someone who truly, genuinely, madly loves you will love to hear your voice and talk to you about all the stuff that happened to you throughout the day. They will even leave sweet, ‘good morning’ cards on the fridge to brighten your day.

A person who cares for you will love to share their life with you. They won’t be afraid to give you the key to their soul and tell you all the things that their heart carries because they will believe in you. Some who cares for you will always ask you for your opinion. More importantly, you will be the first person they will call when something happens to them.

A person who cares for you won’t leave you wondering whether they really love you or not. They won’t let you go to sleep questioning yourself if you are good enough for them. They will not be the reason for your tears. On the contrary, they will be the ones who will always know how to put a smile on that beautiful face of yours.

A person who cares for you will get out of their way to make time for you. They won’t make excuses. They will shift their schedule, they will change their plans, they will stay late at night if they have to, but they will make time, even if it’s only an hour. Because someone who truly loves you with all of their heart won’t stand to not see you for more than a few days.

A person who cares for you won’t make you feel unwanted. They won’t blame you for the problems that you two are going through. They won’t force you to apologize for something that you haven’t done. In fact, they will stand beside you and let you know that no matter how hard life is if you two are together, you can overcome everything.

A person who cares for you will do everything to show you just how much they love you and how much their life has changed ever since they met you. They will not be afraid to reveal their true intentions to you. They will not be afraid to undress their soul naked and let you inside their world.

Believe it or not, it’s really that simple. This person will never let anyone or anything destroy what you two have together.

So, the next time you catch yourself obsessing about someone who does not bother to even lift a finger to call you up and ask you how you are or take you on a date, try to remind yourself that this person probably does not care about you.

I know that it’s easier said than done, but it’s always better to be slapped by the ugly truth than kissed with a sweet, sugary lie.

Stephanie Reeds