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This Is What The Beauty Of Loving An Extrovert Is Really Like


Extroverts are captivating. They reel you in with their intoxicating aura, their boundless energy, and their charismatic nature. It only makes sense that so many people find themselves attracted to these alluring creatures.  However, not everyone knows what it means to really love them.

If you’re willing to let them in, this could be the most amazing romance of your entire life. It will be filled with joy, adventure, laughter, and compassion. This is what the beauty of loving an extrovert is really like.

It Means Letting Them Take the Reigns

Loving an extrovert means letting them take care of you. It’s letting them take you on dates and plan special evenings together. Most of the time, they’ll want to bring you to dinner, to the movies, or on some unplanned adventure. On your nights in, they want to set the mood – light candles, put on music, serve red wine, and wear that outfit that you love on them.

By the end of the night, they’ll draw out the evening for as long as they can. Although they may love the energy of being in a crowd, they’ll want to go somewhere private where they can have you all to themselves. They’ll want to hold your hand, play with your hair, and see the look of love inside your eyes. Likewise, they just want to hear you speak and chat with you all night if they can. They’ll do whatever the can just to spend more time with you.

It Means Being a Part of Their Life

Extroverts have a lot going on. Despite how hectic it may seem to you, they truly enjoy being busy. Every day for them is full of plans. As well as that, they have a lot of close friends who they love more than the world. Once you get to meet these friends, they’ll want you to love them too.

Since you’re such an important part of their life, they want you to get to know the rest of it too. When they go for brunch with their family, you’re always invited. Drinks with friends isn’t just a time for them, they’re happy to have you there too. Even when they go shopping, they want you to be there and tell them how amazing they look.

Sure, it can all seem a bit busy, especially if you’re an introvert. Maybe they can be a bit loud and obnoxious sometimes too. In spite of that, they’re going to make up for all of it by enriching your life. They’re going to love you intensely, fight for you even if they fight with you sometimes, and strive to put a smile on your face every day. You will be their number one priority in life.

It’s About Seeing What’s Underneath

In spite of how it may seem, their life isn’t all parties, flirting, and brunch. On the contrary, there is so much more to them than what meets the eye. If you’re going to be with them, you’re going to have to take a deeper look at who they are. You’ll need to look past all the glamour and noise to see who the person underneath it all is.

Although they may like to go out and have fun, they’re not shallow. There’s so much more depth to them than that. They’re kind, thoughtful, generous, and just want to make sure that everyone is having a nice time. Likewise, even though they have a lot of friends, they care about all of them. Anyone who’s in their life means so much to them, especially you.

Most of the time they’re going to seem like the happiest person in the world, but they feel low too sometimes. When that happens, that’s when they’re going to need you the most. They’re going to need you to sit with them, hold them close, and tell them that they’ll be okay. Most of all, they want you to remind them that they are strong in the times when they don’t know if they can be.

Loving an extrovert means so much more than you may have thought. They fill so much of their time with fun and adventure and they want you to be a part of that too. Likewise, they need a significant other who can be with them in their lowest moments as well. Trust me when I say that being with them will be the most rewarding relationship of your entire life. If you allow them too, they’ll give you more love and excitement than you’ve ever experienced before.

Share this with an extrovert and see if they agree that this is what it’s like to be in love with them.

Eva Jackson