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I Want A Partner Who Remembers All Those Little Things That Make My Heart Sing


I’ve decided that in this life, I am not going to settle for anything less than what I deserve.

I may have been through many failed relationships that showed me how selfish and insensitive some humans are, but that was just a lesson that made me realize how short and precious this life is to waste it on people who just don’t give a damn about the same things that you do.

Long story short, I’m turning over a new leaf.

I don’t want a partner who does not bother to get to know more about my dreams! I don’t want a person who only cares about themselves.

I want someone who remembers all those little things that make my heart sing. Someone who goes out of their way to show their love to me.

I want someone who not only remembers my birthday but plans their surprise a month ahead. Someone who knows exactly how much I love minty flavored chocolate and calla lilies.

I want someone who goes out to buy me the biggest pizza on the menu when I am feeling low and exhausted. Someone who spoils me with guilty pleasures when I feel like crying.

I want someone who remembers how I like my pancakes in the morning. Someone who goes to the store, gets me a whole bag of my favorite fruits, makes the most delicious oatmeal pancakes and serves me breakfast in bed.

I want someone who stays late at night beside me and helps me finish my project for work. Someone who is thrilled to be a part of every segment of my life.

I want someone who remembers the songs that I love and plays them in their car while we’re going on a trip around the world. Someone who loves sharing their adventurous and goofy side with me.

I want someone who knows exactly how I like my tea or coffee. Someone who loves having warm, cozy evenings with me more than anything else.

I want someone who likes to surprise me with sweet, good morning texts and loving, forehead kisses before they go to work. Someone who knows how to brighten my day by simply sending a “Have a productive workday, my love. Can’t wait to see you later.” Text.

I want someone who enjoys reminding me just how much they love me. Someone who puts the effort into our relationship. Someone who tries hard to understand my love language. Someone who constantly finds new ways of showing me how important I am to them.

I want someone who finds joy in making me aware of their pure, genuine love. Someone who never stops pursuing me even after they got me. Someone who knows that love is not only being together but also remembering those small, seemingly trivial stuff that makes people happy.

So, no. I won’t settle.

I deserve to feel these things. I deserve to have a person who cares enough to comfort me when I had a nightmare, kiss my eyelids in the middle of the night and hold me tight until I fall back asleep.

I  deserve to feel loved.

Stephanie Reeds