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I Miss You, But I Do Understand Why We Broke Up


I want you to know that I still miss you.

Perhaps I don’t miss you in the way you would want me to. And maybe just by saying these words alone makes things harder than they really are. However, I can no longer pretend that I don’t care anymore.

I do miss you. You were someone who played a crucial role in my life. And the love and the connection that we felt for each other is something that is not found easily – a connection that I still cannot find with anyone else.

I cannot act like I don’t feel a void inside me since we broke up. That’s impossible. I cannot hide the fact that I still miss you.

However, there are many reasons why we are broken up. And I know all of them. I understand why we are no longer part of each other’s lives.

I also know that we had a great potential to make everything right between us and take our relationship to the next level, but we didn’t. And what’s bothering me is the fact that we could have built something amazing and long-lasting. And yet, we didn’t.

Instead, life happened – a toxic combination of hesitation, excuses, and other people interfered and that’s what brought us apart. We have allowed other priorities and other people to come between us while we were just standing there, watching our relationship slowly withering away and not doing anything to save it.

And even though our relationship didn’t fall apart suddenly in one day – it felt like it did.

Because at one moment, you were the person that I thought was going to be with me forever – the one who was keeping me up all night with our conversations that never seemed to end, the one who touched my soul like no one else has.

And the next moment, I saw you walking away from me. You are still keeping me up all night, but now I am losing sleep over all the things that I couldn’t say, all that was left unfinished between us is haunting me.

But, life continues to go on even when you feel like your whole world has turned upside down and crashed. So, we didn’t have a choice but to move forward with our lives.

I am on a different path right now, and honestly, I am happy. Life is treating me well these days and I don’t feel any grief or regret. I stopped crying over spilled milk.

Yet, I still miss you. Because when something good happens, I want to tell you. Sometimes I feel like only you can understand me, and it takes a lot of courage to not send you a message or give you a call. And I still wonder about how things are going for you. And I wish that you’d reach out to me more times than I like to admit.

Because the reality is, we didn’t fight for each other when we had a chance. We chose to give up on our love. We are both guilty of it.

So, now we live our lives separately. And maybe it’s for the best. Maybe it would hurt us more if we are still talking to each other. Maybe it would be so damn hard to see the other one moving on with someone else, so that’s why we don’t want to find out. And maybe our relationship was destined to end because it would have caused us more damage than good.

Finally, all the reasons for our breakup don’t matter. What matters is that I really believe that we both want the best things for us – to be successful in our work and passions, to find someone compatible who will love us, and to live our lives the way we always wanted – even if all this means that we are never going to see each other.

Mary Wright