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Dear God, I Am Surrendering To You Everything I Can’t Control


I am a chronic overthinker. I am constantly worried about everything, even about things that haven’t happened yet. Sometimes, I really wish I had the power to go forward in a time when my life is better, and I am free of problems and worries.

Sometimes, I tend to focus more on the things I lack, rather than being grateful for everything that I do have. Somehow, I always think that I am falling behind, especially when I am comparing my life with others, forgetting to remind myself that everyone has a different life path and that’s okay.

Sometimes, I am blind to the blessings you are bestowing upon me every single day. And maybe this happens because I’ve always wanted to have control over my life. I’ve been doing everything by myself. And honestly, I got tired.

I got tired of having no one around me to rely on, except myself. I am tired of always being there for others and having no one by my side when I need them. I am tired of proving myself to everyone, time and time again… I am tired of not being allowed to get tired.

That’s why God – I am surrendering myself to You.

I am offering You my dreams, my desires, my wishes, and my life. I want You to have control over my life. Because God – You know what’s best for me.

God, I am giving You my heart because I know that there is no one better than You to take care of me and my heart’s desires. With You, I can be sure that I will never be broken again.

As for myself, I promise You to never stop believing in You.

I will also stop acting like I always know where I am going and what I am doing. I want You to lead my way.

I will stop worrying about the things that are out of my control. I will stop trying to find answers to everything. Because there are things that we shouldn’t ask about – just trust them.

Dear God, I will never doubt Your power. I promise to follow You wherever You want me to go. I will never be scared again because You will be by my side, leading the way. With You, I feel safe, calm, loved, and grateful. There’s nothing evil that can happen to me as long as I carry You in my heart.

Mary Wright