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I Don’t Give Up On Love Easily, So If I Decide To Walk Away, I Am Gone Forever

I Don’t Give Up On Love Easily, So If I Decide To Walk Away, I Am Gone Forever

Here’s my story.

I have a soft, fragile heart. I am the kind of person who genuinely believes in love, no matter how bad my heart has been broken in the past. I get attached to people too easily and too quickly. I just can’t help it. That’s the way my heart works. That’s the way my emotions flow.

So, to me being in love with someone is much more than just sharing a future together.  It’s sharing both our worlds with one another. It’s being happily ever after. It’s feeling free to be exactly who we are in front of each other. It’s being honest with, no matter how harsh the truth might be… It’s simply committing to each other in every sense of the word.

I know I could never ever settle for less than this. That is exactly why I would literally do everything to keep a love like this alive. When it comes to it, I’ve always been ready to sacrifice myself for the sake of my relationship with people. People that meant the world to me. People that made me feel safe. People who taught what true love feels like. People who helped me open up completely and love from the very bottom of my heart.

So, I’ve always given people the benefit of the doubt.

In fact, I’m still the same person. I still look at situations from all the possible different points of view. I still do my best to put myself in the mind of the person in front of me. I still try to really understand people’s actions, thoughts, opinions, and behaviors no matter how complex and wrong they sometimes seem.

That’s me. 

A woman who doesn’t give up on love without a fight.

I do give second chances, but you know what?

I am not a fool. 

I may love you with all of my heart, but if you hurt me, I’m out the door. I may give you a few chances, I may look the other way, I may do my best to forgive you for your mistakes, but if I see that you are not doing your part, I won’t hesitate to walk away. For good. I mean it.

I love you, but I love myself more. And that will always stay that way.

So, know this.

If you take my love for granted, consider me gone. If I choose to walk away, I will do it without looking back. I will let go of you, everything that reminds me of you, wipe my tears, gather myself and move on. Just like that. Just like nothing ever happened. And once I am done with you, I will be truly done. There will be no tears, no regrets, no guilt, no sorrows and no pain in this heart of mine. Nothing you do or say will make me go back to what we once had.

I do believe in love and I don’t give up on it easily, but if ever hurt me, I will walk away.

And I promise you’ll never see me again.

Stephanie Reeds