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This Goes To The Woman That Gave Her Heart To The Man Who Didn’t Deserve Her


I know what you’re going through, dear …

I know you’re the type of person who cares too deeply for the people around you. You are always so willing to put emotions, time, and energy into your relationships. You are not afraid to sacrifice your needs and desires for the happiness of those you love. And you always look for the good in others.

Well, let me tell you something: There aren’t many people like you.

There aren’t many people whose heart is good as yours. There aren’t many people whose soul is pure as yours. There aren’t many people who are able to love truly, selflessly, deeply, and unconditionally like you are.

Honey, you are always willing to help anyone in need. You always find time to give a wise piece of advice, comfort, or cheer up those who need your help and support. You are always willing to listen attentively to the people that don’t believe in themselves and that nobody wants anything to do with. And these are the people you try so hard to help. These are the people you try so hard to remind of their worth.

But, you know what?

These are the people, too, you allow to take advantage of you. They are the ones you let take advantage of your kindness and generosity. They’re the ones you let hurt your feelings and break your heart.

That’s the reason why I need you to know that if you continue being so kind, so caring, and so selfless, you’re going to end up heartbroken. Because there are a lot of awful people out there.

There are a lot of people out there whose hearts are cold. People who are incapable of loving selflessly and honestly. People who are incapable of feeling empathy, compassion, or remorse. People who wouldn’t think twice about breaking your heart as soon as they have the chance.

And, dear, with your good heart and gentle, pure soul, you are not going to be able to recognize them. And you’re going to fall victim to many of them before you find the people who deserve to be a part of your life.

You are going to end up stuck in one-sided and toxic relationships with men who are going to take you for granted and play with your feelings. Men who are not going to treat you the way you deserve. Men who are going to make you feel like you’re not good enough for them.

Yes, you’re going to end up in relationships with men who aren’t going to accept you for who you are.  Men who are going to make you think that your flaws define who you are. Men who are going to try to make you fit their expectations. Men who are going to feed your hopes with promises, sweet words, and grandiose stories only to keep you hooked. Men who are going to leave you the moment they get tired of you.

And I know, too, that you’re still trying to mend your heart that got broken in your last relationship. Because you gave it to a man who didn’t deserve you. A man who never loved you.  A man who made you think he cared about you and loved you, but the truth is that he was only interested in what you could offer him.

He never gave you the love and safety you wanted. He never treated you like you were his top priority. And he never intended to commit to you.

But, honey, don’t despair. What you’re going through is just a phase. A temporary phase. A phase that will be over very soon.

So, stop feeling like you’re weak. Stop thinking that you’re never going to find true love. Stop feeling like you’re a loser.  Because the guy who broke your heart and let you go is the loser. Not you!

Never stop loving the way you always have, and true love is eventually going to find you!

Riley Cooper