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How To Tell Whether Your Relationship With Your Partner Is Soulmate, Karmic, Or Twin Flame


What brings people together? What makes us drawn only to certain kinds of relationships?

We all want to experience a ‘once in a lifetime’ love story. And as we grow up and evolve, so are our relationships. We are no longer looking for a relationship that is convenient but unsatisfying only for the sake of being in a relationship and not end up alone.  

We started to look for a love that is anything but ordinary.

We’ve also heard about many kinds of relationship – karmic, soulmate, or twin flame. But what’s the difference between them? And which type is the best one?

The truth is that every one of these relationships is good in its own way. Some people don’t get to experience them, and others experience all of them. Here’s how to recognize them:


This is usually one of the first relationships we enter. Karmic relationships bring us all the lessons we need to learn but we haven’t learned still. They are often with people who are wrong for us but are essential for our growth because they will shape us and change our life from the core.

The addiction, however, is enormous and at times it feels as nothing that we do works but we still can’t get out of the karmic relationship easily. The truth is, karmic relationships are not supposed to work. Your karmic partner is not the person that you should spend the rest of your life with.

I know that this is hard to accept, but trust me, it is not a matter of compatibility or lack of love. Something just seems off and they never seem to work no matter how much effort we put into them. Yes, they are intoxicating because of the constant shift between hot and cold, but they will inevitably end. For they happen only to teach us something.

And we must let them go when the time comes. If we stay in this relationship and even marry our karmic partner, it will most certainly end up in divorce.

And when we experience this kind of a relationship and get over the pain of letting them go, then comes the next kind of a relationship – the soulmate one.


Soulmate love is one of the best kinds of love. Simple and sweet. And at times extremely complex like the notes in a vintage Pinot Noir.

Our soulmate partner is usually the partner we marry and with whom we start building our life because the connection between us is unique and irreplaceable.

However, soulmate relationships are not always easy. They are also there to teach us a lesson, but the lesson is different from that of the karmic relationship. Karmic relationships delve on the questions about how we see the world and other people, while the soulmate relationships trigger the feelings within us involving our self-worth, societal pressures, fear, and worthiness of love.

A soulmate is someone to whom we feel an intense and undeniable connection like we have known them since forever. But they also make us feel like it is us who need to do some work on ourselves, and not them. It is a constant feeling of not being enough.

Soulmates come into our lives with a purpose of helping us to get in touch with the deepest parts of ourselves and assists us while we become our greatest selves. A soulmate is a person who deeply cares about us and wants only the best for us, while the karmic person is concerned only with meeting his selfish needs.

But, as eye-opening and transcending this soulmate relationship is, it is nothing compared with the experience of being in a relationship with our twin flame.


Twin flames are usually considered to be only a myth of the spiritually awakened people. However, as society is beginning to become more conscious, the more the twin flame connection occurs.

Twin flames are a divine mix of both karmic and soulmate relationships. Our twin flame is not someone with whom we connect on a soul level, but someone with whom we share the same soul.

The theory is that twin flames are one soul that has divided at the beginning of time and is incarnated into two physical bodies. And when we meet our twin flame, it is like looking in a mirror – everything from which we were running our whole life is now in front of us.

This is an extremely rare thing, and not many will be lucky to meet their twin flame. However, those who do meet their twin flame will experience the ‘once in a lifetime’ type of love.

Finally, the most important thing that we should remember from all these 3 kinds of relationships is that if someone wants to move on – let them. If it were meant to be, they would have stayed.  


Mary Wright


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