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10 Things Narcissists Do


Mirror, mirror on the wall, they think they are the best of all. Narcissists… They are everywhere. A narcissistic person can be your friend, partner, coworker…you can even find some traits in yourself.

What do narcissistic people do? How can you recognize them?

1. They think they are always right. Just try to share your opinion with a narcissist. You’ll always be the one who’ll be wrong. Narcissists can’t stand people whose point of view is different from theirs. Also, they love to tell you what to do and you must accept and do it because they know everything and have so much experience. If you want to do something your way, you are simply wrong.

2. Narcissists wear a mask…or two, or three…You can never be sure. If they want to get your attention, they’ll be willing to go to extremes: they will cry when they are not sad, laugh when they are not happy. In the end, they will do anything to make you sure they care about you. Narcissists will lie, manipulate, and play with your feelings until they get what they want.

3. They ignore criticism. When criticized, a narcissist gets hypersensitive and demoralized, which affect his/her big ego. Narcissists live to be praised and admired all the time. That’s why they run away from people who dare to disturb their peace of mind. You dare to criticize – you automatically become a hater who must be ignored.

4. They speak, instead of listening. How many times have you tried to say something, but you couldn’t because the person in front of you couldn’t stop talking? How many times have you been interrupted while trying to communicate? Narcissists do exactly that. They talk only, and you are there to listen only because your thoughts and opinions don’t matter.

5. They act like drama queens. Narcissists always seek attention…and they do it desperately. ME, ME, ME: They act like the whole world revolves around them. They make a problem of everything and a really big deal about it. Narcissists don’t think – they act at the moment. Their inappropriate and impulsive behavior affects everybody and creates a toxic environment.

6. They hurt your feelings. Narcissists are also human beings who have feelings. However, when it comes to the term “feelings”, they lack empathy. This means, a narcissist doesn’t pay any attention to what he/she says to you, whether it causes you pain, and doesn’t care how you might feel in that moment.

7. They blame and make you feel guilty. Narcissists don’t feel good about themselves. Whose fault is it? -Of course, yours. They hurt your feelings. Guess who is guilty? – They point a finger at you. You’re responsible for everything that happens. They will blame all their problems on others. Why? Simply because blaming others makes their life easier, don’t you think so? Mr./Ms. “Always Right” will never be happy and satisfied, which make things even worse.

8. They show off on social media. Just think about how many selfies of him/her you have seen today. Hundreds? No? Thousands, maybe? Why do they choose social media? Narcissists carefully look for the crowd that is identical to their needs: followers which they can benefit from, supporters who will admire them unconditionally, so they can show off.

9. They are obsessed with their physical appearance. Narcissists put a great effort on their style, they follow trends and don’t mind spending lots of money on that. In fact, they will do everything that makes them feel like Gods of Beauty. You can find a narcissist spending hours and hours in front of his/her best friend called MIRROR. If they look good outside, they have the whole world under their feet.

10. They just adore themselves. There is nobody in this world like them. NOBODY. They are the smartest, most beautiful, divine, “nature’s greatest miracles”. Narcissists simply put themselves on the pedestal, above all others. Don’t expect to be their priority number one. You’ll not have that privilege. Ever.

Mary Wright


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