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How to become kinder


Kindness doesn’t have as much value nowadays and a kind person may be seen as weak by some people. There are times, however, when we want to be kinder but our temper or impatience gets in the way. So then we can come across as harsh and irritable even if it’s not really the case. I think food plays an important part in our relationships and cooking in general can help you wind down and become a calmer person. So here’re some tips and recipes aid you on this journey!

First of all, you have to acknowledge the power of kindness. We see it as a weakness, especially when it comes to work environment. But kind words and gestures can get you to many places and open doors to various career options. Kindness can help you build more harmonious and healthy relationships as well, no matter if with your friends, co-workers or family members. Cooking for someone, for example, is simple enough but it really shows that you think about other people and their needs. Try making this hunan shrimp for dinner if someone doesn’t like or eat meat. They will certainly appreciate this gesture.

Start by mixing together the ingredients for the shrimp coating. They include an egg white, peanut oil, mung bean starch (use corn if you can’t find it), Chinese rice wine, sugar, salt and black pepper. Mix the shrimp in and then put in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, saute some fresh garlic, ginger and shallots in peanut oil. Add the shrimp and cook it each side for a minute. Then pour the sauce made of ketchup. oyster sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and hot pepper oil. Cook for a few more minutes and serve with toasted sesame seeds, white rice and a variety of vegetables.

It can still be hard to calm down and hold back your anger in some situations. For times like these it’s beneficial to imagine yourself in a safe environment and explore your mental state. Obviously, visiting a professional is a great idea if you have any long-lasting problems, like anger management issues. But still searching your own mind and experiences can help you a great deal. Stress can be a big contributor to mood swings and irritability so eating some comfort foods like these alton brown pancakes can help to cope with that. And these pancakes in particular are super easy to prepare because they have a very short ingredient list and can be topped with a variety of fruits, nuts and seeds. 

So simply mix together flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and soda in one bowl and then add a mixture of eggs and butter milk. Whisk thoroughly to avoid any clumps. Cook the pancakes on a well-heated griddle with butter and then serve immediately. (1)

While girls are usually more compassionate and have calmer personalities, they can have troubles with holding back their temper as well. And because they’re seen as gentler creatures, the reactions of other people to their anger can be harsher. As a girl, you certainly shouldn’t become a pushover and accommodate to the needs of others all the time. But showing compassion and kindness in small simple ways can build your reputation and later change your behavior altogether. And cooking is great way to do so while not spending a lot of time on this kind gesture. For example, a vanilla mug cake has only a few simple ingredients and the prep takes almost no time!

So melt butter in the microwave and let it cool. Then add in milk, sugar, flour, baking powder and chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Combine until smooth and microwave for about 2 minutes on high. And enjoy! (2)

David Smith