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Give Yourself The Same Kindness And Love That You Give To Others


There are many negative things that we say to ourselves almost on daily basis, things as “I hate my body, I need to lose weight”, “I hate my nose”, “I hate how this shirt looks on me. It makes me fat,” etc.

What if instead of being so cruel to ourselves, we started treating ourselves with love and compassion? What if we gave ourselves the same kindness we are giving to others every day? 

People who struggle with weight gain or having bad and negative images about themselves are tired of hearing “motivational” things like “Try harder”, “Don’t give up”, “Stay motivated”, and so on and so on.

However, being kind and compassionate has a more profound effect on alleviating your happiness and self-confidence levels than speaking ill of yourself whenever you look in the mirror ever will. And while kindness and compassion go a long way in maintaining a healthy image of oneself, those two things can be one of the hardest that a person can do for themselves.

More and more people, men and women, are desperately trying to save themselves from the “fat problem” they have. They think they must be skinny in order to be accepted by society and if they don’t then their worth goes down and they begin hating themselves.

The thing is, we start believing the things we subconsciously tell ourselves. If we tell ourselves that we are ugly, unlovable, or unworthy, then we’ll eventually start believing those things to be true.

And that’s why it becomes even more difficult to speak kindly to yourself during those moments. No person has ever said, “I feel so worthless and I am a failure, so I’ll be kind and nurturing to myself.”

 So, if you want to change your relationship with yourself, it’s crucial to see yourself as a best friend. You should love yourself enough to always be gentle with yourself. Only then will you be able to shed all the toxic layers you have and start living a more fulfilling life.

Mary Wright