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Here’s Why You Should Fall In Love With Someone Who Loves God


When it comes to love and relationships and the whole process of dating, the definition of what love really is can be different to different people. And as Christians, this is even more difficult since our standards for what is love are so out of this world that many people would probably call us crazy.

This world is romanticizing love and relationships so much that the majority of the time we fall in love with the mere idea of love. We have seen all these movies, we have read all these books that tell us how love should feel – that giving someone a gift ‘just because’ counts as an effort, and that intimacy happens when two people sleep together.

But you should fall in love with someone who loves God more than anything. You should fall in love with someone who wants to listen to you go on and on about the Bible and who is excited to discuss the deep questions with you. Someone who helps you be a better person and understand God better.

You should love and be with someone who’ll want to go to church with you. Someone who wants to draw you closer to God, not distance you from Him. You deserve to be in a divine relationship, a Christian one.

You should be with a person who has deeply rooted values from the Bible. Someone who will share the same values and beliefs with you.

You should be with someone who will treat you right and love you endlessly. You deserve a Godly person whose love will be like you’ve never experienced before.

This Godly person will be selfless and his love for you will be truly something that will feel out of this world. A person who loves God will stay calm even in the most heated arguments. They will always be gentle with you. With them, you’ll feel safe. There won’t be any unhealthy behavior and anxiety because in the center of your relationship will be God.

A relationship with someone who loves God is going to emotionally fulfill you and make you the happiest person on Earth.

A Godly person will choose to love you every single day. There will never come a day when they will decide they don’t love you anymore because they are someone who knows that true love is not based only on emotions.

They’ll be both your lover and your best friend. You can talk about anything with them. They won’t spoil you with lavish presents because they know that real love is not measured with material things. Instead, they’ll spoil you with gentleness, love, compassion, kindness, and chivalry.

This is the kind of love that you should look for. This is the kind of person that you should wait for. And when you do meet them, you’ll instantly know that they are everything that God has planned for you.

Mary Wright