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Strong Women Don’t Beg – They Leave The Moment They Feel Underappreciated


I am pretty sure that every woman at one point has found herself in the following scenario with a man (and if not please stop reading because you are probably Beyonce): You meet a man that sparks your interest. You start liking him and it seems that he likes you as well. You start dating. There are passion and fireworks every time you meet and as days pass by you feel more and more sure that your love is eternal and you two belong together.

And then the magic is shattered as the guy somehow realizes that you are thinking long-term with him and decides to vanish from the face of Earth. Your romantic hero has suddenly left you all alone in the hopes that he will come back to you begging for your forgiveness (or in the worst case, you sincerely hope that he is gay because you are not ready to face the cold truth that he is not that into you).

Okay, perhaps this is a little bit exaggerated, but definitely, there are cases in the dating world where the mere moment you decide you love someone, and you let your guard down showing him your vulnerable side is the moment he decides to stop calling.

And it is perfectly normal to get angry and frustrated and feel a great need inside you to go find him and say straight to his stupid face what an idiot he is to let you go. However, even if this may seem like a fight for love, for the love of God woman – stop! Texting him and giving him the slightest bits of attention will only make you look like a crazy person.

Therefore, instead of being the woman who can’t take a hint – be the woman who will leave him first if he doesn’t value you or makes you feel wanted.

As for myself, I certainly regret spending my time and energy yearning and longing for someone who didn’t deserve me. Instead, I should have spent that time learning new things, traveling to new places and meeting new amazing people. Because, after all – the signs were there. He has presented to me clearly. Every sign was telling me to run away from him, but my foolish girl logic was stopping me from leaving. So, I stayed until he left me.

Therefore, let’s all stop holding onto men who don’t want to be held because life is too short and too precious for us to be putting our heads against a wall and driving ourselves crazy over men who are already leaving. There is plenty of other fish in the sea for us to wait for someone who doesn’t care about us at all.


If you are wondering how you can be sure you are no longer wanted, here are 2 definite clues that you should look for.


Okay, women let’s be real for a moment. If a man wants to see you – he will. Full stop. When a man stops following through with plans and starts to make excuses instead, I am sorry to tell you that it’s time for you to start considering other options.


Listen, men are very simple creatures and they are very easy to read too. You just need to look at their actions and you’ll find your answer. If the man in your life acts like he doesn’t care about you – then probably, he doesn’t. And you shouldn’t care about him as well. 😉  

And maybe, just maybe, there are certain situations in the history of humankind when a man realized what he has lost and started chasing down the woman begging her for forgiveness. However, this typically happens only in a romantic comedy, and unfortunately, life isn’t one.

The only truth is that we should all be with someone who doesn’t need to lose us to understand what they had.

Mary Wright