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8 Important Signs That a Guy Loves You Which You Shouldn’t Ignore


One of your greatest regrets in life will be missing the opportunity to be in a wonderful relationship. This regret, however, is avoidable. A man in your life may be completely in love with you without you even realizing. Spotting the signs that he has feelings for you will help you to find love where you otherwise might not have.

To avoid the tragedy of lost love, learn to recognize these 8 important signs that a guy loves you which you shouldn’t ignore.

1. He Treats You Like a Princess

Anything that you want, he’ll try to do it for you. He always treats you like the queen that you are. Whenever you’re sad, he’ll be there to comfort you until you’re feeling okay again.

2. He Always Seems Like He Has More to Say

If you’ve ever had a close guy friend open his mouth to speak, only to stop abruptly, it’s possible that he wanted to confess his love for you. He wants to tell you how he feels but is too scared about losing your friendship.

3. He’s Often Trying to Impress You

He could be lifting weights, playing a song that he wrote, or showing you a piece of his art. Whatever it is, he’s trying to show off his skills. He wants you to think of him as someone talented that’s worth falling for.

4. When Other Girls are Around, He Focuses on You

The other women in his life don’t interest him the way that you do. Even in a large crowd he only wants to be with you. He’ll make a huge effort to always speak to you and be by your side, no matter what girls are around him.

5. He’s Protective of You

You might have mistaken his protectiveness for being “brotherly” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He cares deeply about you and would never want to see you hurt.

6. He’s Scared to Tell You His Real Opinions

He may wait for you to tell him your thoughts on something before he voices his. The idea that you might think that he’s stupid often scares him from sharing his true opinions.

7. He Always Makes Himself Available to See You

Whenever you need him, he’ll be there. All he wants is to be with you at any given opportunity. Whether you need his help or it’s just to hang out, he will always try to see you.

8. He Becomes Nervous When You’re Alone

Being alone with the girl that he’s in love with can make him extremely nervous. He wants to tell you how he feels about you, or even kiss you. The thought of rejection or of annoying you can terrify him when you’re alone together.

If you have a guy in your life who does these 8 things, it’s likely that he’s in love with you. Tell him how you feel about him, whether you want to be with him or not.

You could either start a beautiful romantic relationship or continue with a friendship with no strings attached. Either way, it’s better to have everything out in the open.

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Eva Jackson