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Here’s How To Tell The Difference Between Someone Who Is A Victim And Someone Who Plays A Victim


In this journey called life, we often come across people who immediately leave the impression that they’re hopeless, lost souls who are terrified to get a hold of their life and actually speak up for themselves. The poor victimized souls.

These beings are usually people who’ve endured a lot of stress and trauma in their life which eventually changed them from their core and as a result made them too terrified to keep moving on.

However, what most of us haven’t noticed is that there’s a very big difference between having a real, victim mentality (which is usually triggered by a certain unfortunate event) and playing a victim.

The truth is, people with victim mentality are people who’ve been taken advantage of, people who’ve been through a painful and traumatic past, people who’ve endured undeserved and unwanted loss, injury or accidents that they could not have prevented it from happening.

These people often feel hopeless and powerless. They’ve been burnt and heavily injured in the past, and therefore they tend to not take any more risks. The worst possible outcomes their mind is constantly creating is what actually keeps them from taking a leap. They perceive other people as stronger, more in control and more capable of making a difference between right and wrong.

People who have a victim mentality are people who have given up on hope. They’ve accepted the fact that pessimism, depression, and shame is just a way of life. And they’ve also accepted that no matter what they do, they will not change that fact. That is why they tend to be more passive when it comes to their life.

Now, people who play victims, on the other hand, are people who find it easier to present themselves as victims and avoid responsibility instead of actually owning up to their mistakes. I’ll be referring to them as pretended victims. These people haven’t experienced anything traumatic or terrifying. The thing is, they usually get away with their excuses. Pretended victims desperately need to be the center of the attention and they need to make everyone feel sorry for them because that is exactly what makes them feel good about themselves.  Their sad, unfortunate drama stories are just a way to get another human being to trust them.  And since they’re so self-absorbed, they actually think that the whole world is against them.

All in all, people who like to play the victim role, find all of this too convenient. That is why, whenever someone blames them of not getting a task done, they know exactly what to do to free themselves from any additional chore and put the blame on someone else.

If you, the one reading this, feel like you’re trapped in a victim mentality, there are several things you could do to get out of it. First things first, you have to take control back over yourself and your life by accepting responsibility for the things you’ve done and the words you’ve said. It might be hard at first, but the key is to not give up until you succeed. You may think that the world is against you. But the truth is, it is you who puts those obstacles on the road.

Remember, a part of the empowerment process is realizing that you are the only master of your fate. Every night as you lay down, think about everything you’ve been through that day and try to find something you’re truly grateful for. The more you encourage yourself to open your heart to everything this life has to offer, the more you’ll grow. Ultimately,  the more you evolve and the higher you fly, the less you’ll feel like a victim.

Stephanie Reeds