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We Cheat On Our Partners Every Day And Don’t Even Realize It


You don’t have to sleep with someone else to hurt the person that you love. In fact, we do things every day that cut so much deeper. There are seemingly insignificant actions that we do every day that betray our life partners. Sadly, almost everyone is guilty of doing them every single day.

You may not even realize that what you and your significant other are doing to each other is destroying your relationship. As well as that, you probably think that your actions are harmless. The truth is, we cheat on our partners every day and don’t even realize it.

It Starts Off Small

As your alarm rings in the morning, a million thoughts take over your mind as you try to wake yourself up and prepare for the day. You immediately think about work, deadlines, social commitments, and all the other tasks you’ll have to do that day. It seems insignificant to think about them immediately, what could really be the harm in it?

Skip forward to the rest of the day. It’s nearly time for you to come home from work and you still haven’t shut off those thoughts. Your priority right now is all of those things, nothing else.

We spend so much of our time worrying about the other aspects of our lives that we forget to think about our relationships. Sure, you text them to see how they are and hug them when you come home after a long day, but what else? You’re so focused on all the seemingly “more important” parts of your life and just assume that your partner will always be there, even if you don’t put any work into keeping them.

It Gets Worse

When you come home and finally get to see your partner, naturally you’re happy to be with them. You kiss them and give them a hug, maybe even have dinner together. After that, what else do you do? Most couples now ignore each other for the remainder of the day.

We sit on our phones, scrolling through social media likes it’s our jobs. Instead of talking to one another, we send our partners funny photos we saw online and wait for them to reply. The sad part of all this is that while doing this with your significant other, you’re probably sitting right next to them.

Where is the love in this scenario? Where is the time spent bonding and building a strong connection together? By doing this, you’re both creating a rift between one another that can’t easily be closed. You may not be sleeping with someone else, but you’re still tearing the relationship apart from the inside.

Cheating isn’t always what we think it is. It’s in all the little decisions that we make every day. We choose our obligations, our work, or our phones over the people that we love. That is truly the worst form of cheating out there. You can make your relationship so much happier if you just take the time to be with your partner, no distractions.

If you want to keep the love that you two have strong, please don’t put each other last. Make time for one another where you can just spend time being together.

Eva Jackson