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Hello, I Am Sapiosexual: I Have A Weakness For Clever Minds

Hello, I Am Sapiosexual: I Have A Weakness For Clever Minds

Looks matter, I agree. But I think it’s time we all admit that there is nothing more physically and mentally attractive in a person than a clever mind. I mean, yes, appearance does indeed make you stop and stare at a handsome man or a beautiful woman, but it is their intelligence and their ability to entertain your mind that really makes you want to get to know them better and sometimes, even fall in love with them.

Intelligence is the new sexy. It’s the ultimate aphrodisiac.

If you are also someone who is attracted to brains more than looks, welcome to the club. We are called sapiosexuals. And the main thing that we all have in common is our weakness for clever minds, quick wits, and rich vocabularies. Intelligence gets us high and going. It arouses us both sexually and emotionally.

Here are 10 signs which indicate that you are a sapiosexual as well:

1. You don’t care about the material world. While most of the people out there are swooning over cars, apartments, fancy dinners, and nice outfits, the only thing you consider valuable about a person is their minds. What they believe in. What they dream of. What they strive to do. What they fight for. 

2. Real conversations are your favorite type of foreplay. The only things that get you high and going are long, honest, heartfelt, and intimate talks. That is what makes you fall head over heels in love with someone. What pulls you closer to them. What forms an unbreakable connection between the two of you.

3. Modesty is a trait that you deeply respect. You don’t like people who enjoy bragging about their lives. That’s just not something that you would do. And you simply cannot see yourself in the company with someone who enjoys showing off.

4. You struggle to find real love. It feels as though no one understands you. As though there are no good, genuine people left in the world. When it comes to love and relationships, everything in your life goes a lot slower because you believe in real love. And real love is truly rare.

5. You are not into casual sex. One night stands and meaningless flings just don’t do it for you It’s a big no from you when it comes to love and relationships. To you, sex is a sacred act that is supposed to connect and bring close two self-aware and mature human beings.

6. There is nothing you hate more than small talk. You don’t care what the weather is like or how funny that new reality show on FOX is. To you, fun is much more than that. And it does not involve small talks.

7. Knowledge is something precious to you. Knowledge is power. It is the only thing that not only stays with you forever but also helps you grow and develop as an individual. Just as Ralph W. Sockman said, “The larger the island of knowledge the longer the shoreline of wonder.”

8. Emotional intelligence is the first thing you look for in a person. It’s those kinds of people that you want beside you. People who will be open in front of you. People who will not hesitate to express their emotions. People who will acknowledge yours and listen to them carefully. People who will be there when no one else is.

9. You don’t like to rush things when it comes to love. You have to know someone before you decide to open yourself to them. You have to feel comfortable around them to want to welcome them into your world and give them the key to your heart. You have to see their true colors and give them a chance to see yours as well.

10. You don’t really care how someone looks. You are interested in what they can offer you, intellectually, not physically. It is their soul and mind that makes you fall in love with them, not their nice outfit and killer looks.

Stephanie Reeds