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A Real Woman Doesn’t Care About Your Finances – It’s Love That She Craves

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I am not sure if you’ve noticed, but she’s the kind of woman who’d rather be broke and happy, than rich, but miserable.

She’s the kind of woman who’d rather have your undivided attention and unconditional love than possess every precious stone, every treasure and every valuable, golden coin in this world.

The truth is, a real woman like her will never give a damn about your finances. The only thing that will interest her is your love and your commitment.

You can have the whole world at her feet, you can spoil her with the finest wines, the most precious diamonds, pearls, and the most luxurious suites, but that will never be enough for her.

You know why?

Because that is not what she’s signed up for. The things she truly needs and desires are priceless. You cannot buy them, you cannot hold them and you cannot touch them. They can be found only in your heart.

A real woman wants your love.

She needs your attention.

She wants to have an important part in your life.

 She wants to be your everything.

She will never care about material things because that’s just not who she is. As long as she has all of her life to spend with you, she won’t ask for anything more than a safe roof over your heads and a warm bed to share with you.

You could buy her the most expensive dresses, shower her with the all the luxurious, cliché gifts, take her out to ridiculously high-priced dinner dates, provide her with a limitless cash card, buy her all the newest, expensive gadgets out there, spoil her with thousand, heck even a million roses, but…

She’d still be the girl who’d smile the brightest when she receives a hand-picked bouquet from your mother’s garden.

She’d still be the woman who’d enjoy pizza and beer nights more than anything in the world.

She’d still be the woman who would cry tears of joy and happiness while reading your heartfelt, touching letter about how you feel.

She’d still be the girl who would only need you by her side in order to be complete.

It’s simple. Material possessions will never be enough for her.

People say, “The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.”

She knows this best because she’s been raised this way.

She’s been taught to always put love and happiness first. To never allow finances to control her life. To never let anyone treat her like she has a price. More importantly, she’s been taught to never settle for someone who dares to determine her worth.

I don’t care how wealthy you may be, money and jewelry will never be able to replace the intimacy of the human touch. Material possessions will never compensate for your absence. They will never replace a warm embrace, sincere smile and a gentle kiss on the cheek. 

You could give her access to all the riches in the world, spoil her with luxurious places and lavish trips, but in the end, none of it will make the difference she needs in her life. None of that will be as important to her as your love and devotion.

For she could survive life without material possessions. But, she could never imagine her world without love.

Stephanie Reeds