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Ladies, Wait For The Man Who Kisses Your Forehead


Believe me, he is out there.

Don’t settle for average. Don’t force yourself into thinking that ‘okay’ is good. You deserve the best. Wait for your ‘best’. Wait for the one who is meant for you and who’ll turn your life upside down.

Wait for the man who will love you the right way. The one who will walk beside you, not in front of you. The man who will take your hand and hold it in a way that it makes you feel safe and loved. The man who will pull you back and protect you from the car you don’t see coming.

Wait for the man who will first kiss your hand or your forehead before he kisses your lips.

Wait for the man who will only have eyes for you. The one who will gaze at you with love in his eyes and can’t stop smiling when he’s with you. Wait for that special look. It’s worth it. Wait for the one who makes you laugh. The one who is the happiest when he sees you happy.

Wait for the man who makes you feel comfortable during uncomfortable situations. The one who understands you and with whom you don’t need words for communication because your souls are aligned, and you always know what the other one is thinking or feeling.

Wait for the man with who you are 100% yourself. No holding backs. No reservations. No cover-ups. No masks.

Wait for the one who treasures every moment with you and makes it special. The one who makes even the ‘trip’ to the grocery store an adventure.

The one who truly gets you. The one who makes you who you are. Who believes in you. Who pushes you forward. The man who knows how blessed you both are to have found each other.

Wait for him. He is out there somewhere looking for you.

Mary Wright