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Good Guys Are Humble And Modest: They Are Not Self-Centered And Cocky


There is no textbook guide or a manual for how to be a good guy, but there are a few things which rank pretty high on women’s charts, and today, I wanted to share those things with you, men.

I am sure you possess some of these qualities mentioned below, but why not add a few more things to your list:

1. A good guy is confident but by no means cocky. He is not acting like a snob; he just believes he deserves the very best and he is working his way towards getting that.

2. He is reserved. Again, not acting like a snob, just prioritizing. He knows what people are the part and parcel of his life, and he is there for them, spending some quality time with them and all.

3. A good guy will take initiative and will not be afraid to “break the ice”. That means he is bold and not afraid to make the first step.

4. A good guy has balance. A little bit of friends here, a little bit of family there. He knows how to make time for everything that matters in his life and maintain a job and a hobby. No reckless drinking or partying.

5. Words like respect or self-esteem are familiar to him.  He stands up for himself, he respects his parents, his coworkers, and his partner instead of being offensive, patronizing or negligent towards them.

6. He is always up for a challenge: The challenge of being a better person.

7. He understands he is not entitled to women’s bodies. He treats women with the utmost respect and gentleness.

8. A good guy is faithful and committed. This one you knew was coming, so yeah. Do a rain check before moving on to number 9.

9. Okay, so number 9, it’s been so long, right? Just kidding. Anyway, a good guy fights for justice. At work, on the streets…just everywhere. Because he has a high sense of morality and he is true at heart.

10. Honesty comes first. A good guy admits to his mistakes and is capable of recognizing that he did something wrong. He speaks the truth and is open about his feelings. Honesty means bravery, remember?

11. He is a visionary at heart. His ideas about life and the world are formed. His principles, his conduct, his beliefs are shaped on the basis of moral excellence, which means he is mature and he is embracing evolvement.

12. He is accountable for his actions. He takes responsibility.

13. Manners. A good guy has manners. He greets his neighbors and holds the elevator door for them. He has good manners at a restaurant when dining with his loved one and he never misses out on the opportunity to help a coworker or treat the janitor with kindness.

14. He is grateful. Grateful for his family, for his good health, for his opportunities, for his travels and experiences in life.

15. A good guy values his money. That means saving up for a car, or a trip, or a new house and no gambling. But none of that reckless spending on things which do not contribute to his future.

16. A good guy is courageous. He is not afraid to ask for a raise or a promotion – he knows his worth.

17. He is humble and modest. He knows how to have fun, but without those exaggerations of his early twenties.

18. He is adaptable, not self-centered. He knows when to take the lead and when to be a team player.

Nora Connel