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Healing After Trauma: Journey Of Resilience And Self-Discovery


I am sure somewhere you have read the saying, Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility. First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Trauma most definitely is not your fault! Second of all, there’s no BUT after this is said. Third, but not least, healing comes with time and it is a journey of resilience and self-discovery that springs your resurrection.

Healing is not a responsibility, because if it was a responsibility, then we would see it as a task. And tasks have a time of completion. There’s no prescribed period of time for how long it takes to recover from trauma. Every person heals differently, and for some, it takes a while, for others it takes a longer period of time.    

I want you to remember that whatever happened to you was not your fault. A lot of people are dealing with trauma all around the world. You did not ask for it, and you do not deserve it. You will get out of the trauma like a survivor and you will be proud of yourself. Your trauma will be your resurrection and a path to your journey of resilience and self-discovery.

People are hurt differently and have a different kind of trauma. Life kicks us hard so that we learn to survive and move on. Even though you planned a win with your move on the chessboard, after all, it was not a good move. Yet, your win will be to get over the life trauma.

Trauma Is Not Your Fault, But Healing Is Your Responsibility

You decide whether your life trauma becomes your tragedy or your heroic story. Let your emotions sink in. Connect with your emotions, and you will begin to accept the healing process. Because the power to heal lies within yourself.

With the process of healing, you will create a newer version of yourself because healing is not a process where you return to your old self. Your new self will be stronger and more determined. It will smile more and be wiser. The healing process won’t make the pain go away, instead, it will alter it into a building point of what you actually want from life.

Choose your own path of healing, don’t listen to others telling you what is good to do or what will make it all go away. You choose your own journey to resilience and self-discovery. What works well for some may not work well for others. Every person writes their own healing story.

Also, you need to know that healing is not only an individual effort. People around you will support your healing, they will understand you and hear you. And remember that you need to encourage yourself and thank yourself for giving yourself space and time to heal.

Be thankful to yourself for finally talking about your trauma and coming out of it as a survivor. And be thankful for giving yourself a shot at this journey.

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