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You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Lose Someone Who Takes You And Your Worth For Granted

you deserve better

I am such a weak person, I am thinking to myself as I am combing my hair, patiently feeling for knots. I always give second chances to people, and I always welcome them back in my life. Then I think: If I stick with that one person regardless of how hard it can get, then maybe I am not so weak after all.

Maybe I am strong. And maybe I don’t deserve someone that’s going to leave whenever they feel like it, – rather someone who is never going to leave. Despite the heavy rains and the treacherous storms.

Neither do you, my dear.

You don’t deserve someone who is going to take you for granted. Someone who knows you’ll always be there, so they go on doing whatever they want to do.

They say they’ll call you as soon as they come home, but they don’t. No problem, you can cope with that. They decide it’s okay to skip your movie night but think it’s outrageous to cancel on their friends. That’s fine too. You understand people need their friends to relax after a hard day. They cheat and then they decide to come back? No big deal, you can forgive them because they got drunk.

Well, not anymore!

Don’t let anyone think they can play with you and still get away with it. Having someone in your life means being there for them in the good and in the bad times. It means that when the spark is gone, you revive it with romance, not with cheating and ghosting.

You Don’t Deserve Someone Who Comes Back, You Deserve Someone Who Never Leaves

Imagine, just imagine a life without the drama, without the eternal doubt: Are they going to come back this time?

They will, but do you really need a person like them?

You re worthy of someone who cherishes your worth, your self-esteem, your happiness. The person you’re with should cater to the development of your relationship the same way you’re doing that. The same investment should be reciprocated.

If you’re not getting anything in return, turn around and say hello to a new chapter in life.

A new chapter filled with respect and appreciation, filled with equality and equilibrium.

A new chapter sprinkled with mutual growth, emotional stability, and peace.

We live in a world that has become so cruel and reckless, so we need a person beside us to cope up with the ugliness. We don’t need someone to reflect that cruelty and ugliness, we need someone beside us to accentuate the beauty and the love. We need someone we can share a life with and start every day as better people than we were the day before.

You can lift yourself up with a good career and loyal friends, and you can feel defeated and sad without having attained those things. But you can never be as diminished and emotionally void as you can be with a partner that is wasting your time by leaving and coming back, and then by repeating the same cycle over and over again.

You can thrive only if you have someone that vibrates security and stability. Someone that doesn’t leave when it is most likely for them to leave, on the contrary, someone who stays and helps you fight all the battles and surpass all the obstacles. Together.

Nora Connel