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Give Your Heart To Someone Who Doesn’t Make You Feel Like You Are Hard To Love

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Oh, life… Life is a wonderful journey. And yet, when you think about it, it’s too short.

Too short for living a fake boring life. Too short for accepting the crumbs. Too short for giving second chances to people who don’t deserve us. Too short for hanging out with fake people. Too short for dysfunctional relationships. Too short for saying yes to things we don’t want to do. Too short for pretending that we love someone.

Too short for anything less than the real thing.

So, why waste it on something that doesn’t make you grow?

More importantly, why waste it on someone who makes you think that you are hard to love?

Do not be mistaken. Love is not supposed to hurt. Love is not supposed to make you feel bad. It is not supposed to make question your choices at 2 am and fall asleep in tears.

Love is supposed to lift you up and help you fall in love with yourself. Even the deepest, darkest parts of yourself that you’ve hated for so long. Even in those flaws of yours that you’ve spent your life hiding underneath the surface. Yes, love is supposed to help you accept your true self and become a better person. To rise higher and realize your true worth.

So, please… Don’t fall for people who tell you otherwise. Don’t fall for people who take advantage of you and see you only as an option. Don’t fall for people who do not care about your feelings. Don’t fall for people who are not brave enough to catch you. And last but not least, do not fall for people who cannot see your worth.

You deserve all the love in the world.

Give your heart to someone who knows that. Someone who is not afraid to love you with all of their heart. Someone who wants to be a part of your life. Someone who wants to know everything about you. What color you love, how you drink your coffee, the way you laugh, the way you cry.

Give your heart to someone who sees the battles within you, decides to stay regardless of everything, and help you fight them. Someone who wakes up knowing how blessed they are to always have you by their side. Someone who takes care of you. Someone who understands your soul even in the madness and acknowledges your emotions. Someone who

Give your heart to someone who doesn’t make you feel like you are less. Someone who knows how beautiful you are, both inside and out. Someone who is there for you to support you, guide you, love you. Someone who is aware of all of your strengths and weaknesses and still loves you for who you are. Someone who sees their home in you. Someone who finds their peace with you.

Give your heart to someone who chooses you every single day over and over again. Someone who loves your transformations and encourages your changes. Someone who inspires you to grow and admires the way you bloom and flourish. Someone who loves each and every single part of you.

Give your heart to a person who loves you for real. You deserve nothing less than that.

Stephanie Reeds