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Strong People Aren’t Born That Way, They Are Forged Through The Battles They Fight

Strong People Aren’t Born That Way, They Are Forged Through The Battles They Fight


As much we like to think that some people are born with it, the truth is, no one is born strong and tough. Just as no one is born weak and fragile…

Strength is something that grows as a part of you in those moments when you think you can’t make it, but you keep pushing forward. Something that you start to feel deep within once you let your fears take control over you and decide to conquer them.

Strength is the result of overcoming your weaknesses, the struggles in life, and all the obstacles that life faces you with. Strength is failing a thousand times, getting up and moving forward. Strength is happiness. Strength is victory. Strength is perseverance.

Strength, my friends is what you gain from the madness that you’ve experienced.

So, when you see a strong, confident, and brave person with a bright fire in their eyes ready to take on the world, don’t be quick to judge and say that they look like they’ve had it easy in life. Don’t be so quick to label them and say that they don’t know what it’s like to struggle in life. Don’t minimize their worth. Don’t make them less than they are.

Strong people were never born that way. They weren’t always that brave and persistent. There were times when they too struggled to find their path in life. Times when they felt lost and confused. Times when they were on the brink of collapse.

During those hard times, they faced loss, disappointment, heartbreaks, sorrow, and great distress. They suffered hardships that you cannot even begin to imagine. They went through hell, but somehow they found their way out of it and rose into the skies. And just when everyone thought they were defeated, they emerged from the ashes like victors. Stronger, wiser, and braver than before. Flapping their heavy wings and soaring in the sky.

So, no. The strongest people out there weren’t born strong. They were created by the storms they survived. Forged through the battles they fought.

They are the people who have felt what is like to be weak. The people who spent their entire fighting for what they believe in, failing, and then getting right back on their feet.

Тhey are the people who have felt the harshness of life but decided that they weren’t going to let that break their spirit. The people that have been hurt more than once. People who have had things taken from them. People who have had their dreams shattered and hopes robbed. People who have been disappointed. People who have been abandoned. People who have suffered the most damage in life and spent a long time in the darkness, but never gave up.

So, let us learn from their experience. But more importantly, let us be thankful for these beautiful souls. They are our light in the darkness. Our hopes for a better future. Our inspiration and motivation to keep going forward and always fight for what we believe in.

They are the living proof that everything is possible if you only believe in yourself.

Here’s to you, warriors of light! May we raise stronger generations, may we become stronger ourselves!

Stephanie Reeds