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Be Careful Who You Give Your Heart To: Not Everyone Will Take Care Of It

Be Careful Who You Give Your Heart To: Not Everyone Will Take Good Care Of It

I’ve been there. I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve made the mistake of easily giving my heart on a silver platter to a person who seemed worthy of my love. I’ve made the mistake of trusting a person who was only there to take advantage of me. I’ve felt what is like to be deceived. Tricked into believing that I’ve found the real thing.

And ultimately, as time passed by, I understood the true meaning of the saying “a fool in love”.

It’s a person blinded by their earnest desire to find and feel love. A person whose only wish is to find the missing piece of their puzzle and settle down. A person who has a pure soul and sadly, falls easily for people’s words and promises. A person so blinded by their overwhelming emotions that they would be willing to look the other way when someone does them wrong and even forgive those who hurt them…

Well, I was that person. I was once a fool in love. I was once naive. I was once desperate to be accepted, understood, acknowledged, and loved. And so, I  gave in. I gave in completely. With every part of my heart, soul, and body. I gave everything I own to a person who I thought was my one and only love…

And all I got in return was a heartbreak.

So, here I am. Trying to pass along my ‘wisdom’. Writing this to help you open your eyes once and for and accept the truth, no matter how painful it is.

Not everyone out there means you well. Not everyone is capable of loving you the way you deserve. Some people are in your life because they could never imagine theirs without you in it. But some people are just there to take advantage of you. To trick you, to play with your feelings, and use you for their own benefit. Some people are out there to hurt you.

And most times, it’s hard to see these individuals for who they really are. Because they are the masters of disguise. They are highly skilled and very clever when it comes to dealing with other people. And very often, their true nature and their inventions are hidden behind a mask.

The only thing I have to say to you is… be careful.

Be careful who you give your heart to. Be careful who you open your soul to. Be careful who you let inside your world. Be careful who you share your secrets with. Be careful who you make a priority in your life. Be careful who you love. Be careful who you trust.

Keep both your heart and eyes open, for not everyone out there, will take care of you. Not everyone out there will take good care of your heart. Not everyone out there will love you and fight for you with the same intensity as you do… 

Stephanie Reeds