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Fret No More – The Man Who’ll Realize Your Worth Will Come Along


You’ve had enough men who didn’t see your worth. They didn’t appreciate the effort you were putting into the relationship. They took you for granted instead of meeting you halfway and matching your effort.

You’ve had enough men who made you feel insecure. The ones who manipulated you patronized you, and always had to be ‘above’ you. Men who only cared about their egos. Men who shattered your hope and destroyed your self-confidence. Men who made it hard for you to believe in love again.

You’ve had enough men who made you feel like you weren’t enough. These men tried to change you. To them, you were never beautiful enough, sexy enough, or smart enough. They were always making you feel miserable and unworthy. They made you feel like you should compete with other girls for them because they didn’t want to accept your fears, insecurities, emotions and your sensitive nature. They only wanted control.

And all of these men broke you in one way or another. They made you feel scared to open up to someone new. They made you feel like every man out there is the same and that it is impossible to find someone good and compatible with you.

But don’t worry. Because…

There will come someone who’ll appreciate you and all you have to offer. This man will think highly of you as a person. He will appreciate every little thing that you do for him and he’ll do things for you as well. The relationship with him will be a relationship of equal give and take.

There will come someone who won’t ever disrespect you or take you for granted. When he comes along, he will respect the wonderful woman that you are. He will admire your independence, integrity, and clarity of mind. He will respect your boundaries as well as your opinions.

There will come someone who’ll show you the true meaning of the word ‘partner.’ He will be your best friend, your lover, and your partner in crime.

There will come, someone, to whom you are more than enough. And he will be enough for you too. You will both believe, support, and help each other with all the insecurities and the problems that might arise. This man will understand that you are not perfect, and he won’t expect you to be. He will find you beautiful and love you for who you are.

There will come someone who’ll make you feel like the only woman in the world. He will see you as the special and unique woman that you are. He won’t even have to tell you how much you mean to him. You will see it in his eyes. With him, you won’t have the need to compete with other women or to fight for his attention because he will make it clear to you that he wants you and only you.

You just need to have a little patience and wait for a man like this.

Mary Wright