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Fall In Love With The One Who Will Protect Your Heart

Fall In Love With Someone That Keeps Your Heart And Holds It Well

Finding that special someone who will love you and care for you and protect your heart from hurt is not easy. However, you should know that there is always someone for everyone and you will find your match.

You may be hurting yourself right now letting people undeserving of you to steal your time and energy. People who will never give you what you need and deserve. People who only string you along out of cowardice. People without morals or conscience who don’t care if they will hurt someone by their uncaring actions.

Of course, our hearts sometimes don’t agree with our mind and we can’t help but fall for the wrong person, but we should at least be aware of the red flags that are right there, in front of our eyes. There are cunning people out there who will convince you they are someone they are not, to get what they want from you only to hurt you in the end.

You should protect yourself by looking for someone who really cares about you and is protective of your heart and your emotions. Someone who knows how to love and is not afraid to give their all to someone else. Someone who will not manipulate you or let you down. Someone who wants to build a future with you, not someone who ghosts you or you fear they will leave you at the first sign of trouble.

Stop letting someone make you feel like you are not enough or good enough. You deserve someone who thinks the world of you. Someone who knows what kind of a person you are and doesn’t want to lose you.

The right person will inspire you. They will make you feel important and loved. They will heal your wounds and take care of your heart. You won’t need to hear whether they love you because you will feel their love with every fiber of your being.

You will know they are the right person for you because when you are with them, everything will fall into place. And it won’t always be easy, you will have problems, but you will always feel safe and at peace.

So, stop wasting your precious time and energy on people who don’t deserve you. The right one will choose you and they will stay.

Mary Wright