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If You Have Friends Like These, You Are Better Off On Your Own


Friendships are not supposed to be hard. They should make your life brighter, give you a reason to believe, fill your heart in joy, and inspire you to grow. Real friendships should motivate you to work on yourself, but always be who you truly are. To give you guidance when you are needed. To be the light amidst the darkness. To give you a hand and pull you up when you can’t get up on your own.

That is what friends are for. To accept, to encourage, to inspire.

Most importantly, to be your pillar of strength when the rest of the world gives up on you.

If you have friend like this, you are truly blessed and I truly hope you know that.

But if the people you usually hang out are the complete opposite of this, then it is time for some reality check. People who bring out the worst in you don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

Below are 7 types of people you are better off without:

1.The ones that constantly criticize you or your choices. The naysayers. The eternal pessimists. The ones who enjoy raining on your parade by constantly criticizing your choices and making your feel like you are absolutely incompetent in making a good decision. These people live to destroy your own happiness and rob you of your joy, simply because they cannot find their own. They could never be happy for you because it is in their nature to wish ill will on others. Your misfortunes give them pleasure. That’s what they feed on.

2.The ones that always complain about their lives. Moaners, crybabies, whiners, joy thieves, emotional vampires. Call them what you will. They will still drain the life out of you with their constant whining and crying about how hard their lives are. It’s okay. Life is hard on us all. It’s about time these people finally understand that.

3.The manipulators. Oh, the smooth talkers. They know exactly how to lure you in and make a whole story out of something. Manipulative ‘friends’ are people who act as they care just so they can take advantage of you and turn the odds in their favor. Beware of people with silver tongues. They can convince you of things that you never ever believed in.
















4.The ones who enjoy the drama. And live to be in the center of attention. People like this would do anything to be accepted and loved. They love putting on shows and making things bigger than they are. It is drama that feeds these people, not love, nor happiness. Stay away if you don’t want to end up involved in their issues and eventually get blamed for something you didn’t do.

5.The ones who are there for a certain period of time and then ghost for months. They are there when they need you, but they instantly get lost once they sense trouble. They are unpredictable, moody and they never ever keep their promises. You never really know what to expect from them, so it’s better if you don’t. Let go and move on with your life. No good could come of a friendship with a person like this.

6.The pathological liars. What is there to say except, with friends like these, you don’t really need enemies. You should never ever make the mistake of trusting a word they say.

7.The ones who love to brag about everything they have and own. All I have to say is that it’s exhausting. It’s truly tiring to deal with these types of ‘friends’. Because they have no boundaries. And they certainly won’t respect yours. People who brag are energy-sucking vampires and they gain their confidence from boasting about trivialities. And if you try to share your success with them, they will immediately try to one-up you. People like this constantly compete with others. That’s what they live for. What excites them.

Stephanie Reeds