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7 Signs That You Are Changing And Your Heart Is Finally Maturing


It took you all the time in the world, but you are finally there, my friend.

You are right there where you always needed to be. At the start of something new. The beginning of your new journey. Ready for new adventures. Hungry for experiences. In search of new horizons.

This is it. Pull those sails up and embrace the journey.

Below are 7 signs that you are shifting and your heart and soul are finally maturing:

1. You’ve found a way to keep both your heart and mind in sync. And act in accordance with them. You no longer make rash, irrational decisions. Your mind is constantly there to guide you on your journey. But so is your heart. And for the first time, they are in sync. They are no longer at war. For the first time, they are both working for you, not against you. And deep down, you feel it. You are at peace.

2. You’ve learned to express your feelings without falling apart. Instead of screaming at the people around you and hating the world, you are now making decisions sober-minded. You no longer lash out, because you are aware of every emotion you carry within you. And each time something triggers you, that is a sign that you still have some unfinished business to discuss with yourself.

3. You no longer care about other people’s opinions because, for the first time in a long time, you know how much you are worth. You are aware of your own value and you don’t need anyone telling you what you need in your life. Unlike before, when you were bothered by every little thing that people said, you are now free. Free from the negative influence others have on you. Free from their expectations. Free from their cage.

4. You no longer accept less than you deserve. You’ve finally grown to understand that raising your standards is not selfish, but something that you must do for your own inner peace and happiness. Settling for less is not an option anymore. Because you deserve what your heart desires. And one way or another, you can get it. Deep down, you know you can. From now on, your needs are first on your priority list.

5. You’ve found a way to see both the good and the bad in people. And understand the reason behind their actions. Why they are the way they are. What they base their decisions on. You’ve finally realized that each and every one of us has their own issues and their own reasons to act a certain way. That we are all complex and deserve to be understood rather than judged.

6. You are focused on self-growth. Finally, you are right there where you were always supposed to be. Gravitating towards your future. Focused on chasing your dreams and working hard on your goals. Enjoying the beauty of the present moment. Hunting opportunities, living life to the fullest and just being yourself.

7. You no longer search for your happiness in other people. You don’t expect anyone to complete you or fill the hole within you. You now know that you are the only person capable of completing yourself and finding your own happiness. And that is who you will turn to from now on.

Stephanie Reeds