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Everything In Life Happens For A Reason: Live It, Love It, Learn From It

Everything In Life Happens For A Reason: Live It, Love It, Learn From It

I know, most of you don’t believe in faith. You don’t believe that everything is connected to everything. You don’t believe that every single experience you go through in life, even the most hurtful one is there to teach you something. That is why you call these experiences accidents and you try very hard to avoid them. At all costs. Because the fear of the unknown, of the unfamiliar, makes you uncomfortable.

I know, I’ve felt that fear. But you know what?

The only reason you are here today is because of those experiences. Everything you’ve gone through in life, every little heartbreak, every tear you’ve cried, every disappointment, every failure, every setback has helped you become the person you are today. And it still does.

With every obstacle that you overcome and every struggle that you face, you become a stronger and better person. You learn life’s lessons and you keep moving forward. You change, you shift, you transform into the person you’ve always meant to be. You rise above the ordinary and you become more self-aware of who you truly are.

You may not know it still, but pretty soon, you’ll realize that every little thing on your journey called life is synchronized. Every person that crosses your path is delivering a message to you. Every experience, every small or major event in your life someone leads you up to the next best thing. Everything that happens to you is just a step forward. Even if it feels bad. Even if it hurts you at the moment. There is always a reason behind everything in life even though we don’t always see it.

As I said, it might take you some time to understand this truth, but that’s okay. You give yourself all the time and space that you need. Allow yourself to process everything and move at your own pace.

All I want you to know is that no matter how dark it is right now, the sun will always come out. The light is there, at the end of the tunnel. And one day, you will reach it. At that moment, not only will you realize that everything is connected to everything, but you will also change your entire perspective.

You will stop seeing failures as your setbacks and you’ll start counting them as your victory steps. You will stop seeing all of those heartbreaks as painful memories and you’ll finally understand the lessons that they’ve been trying to teach you. You will stop reacting so quickly and you will welcome every little change and challenge into your life with ease.

So, go on. Take as much time as you need to process it all, but never forget…

Life is divine synchronicity. Everything is alive and everything is interconnected. What happens right now determines the course of your journey. Live it, love it, learn from it.

Stephanie Reeds