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A Person Who Manipulates You Through Guilt Does Not Deserve Your Love

A Person Who Manipulates You Through Guilt Does Not Deserve Your Love

I’ve always said it – A person who knows you very well, someone who literally knows the way your heart beats, what you like, dislike or love, and takes advantage of that by manipulating your emotions does not love you. They do not mean you well and they most certainly don’t deserve to be a part of your life. End of story.

So, the question that has been bothering me is this… Why would someone hold on to a person like this? Why would someone choose to stay in a relationship with a manipulator?

Sometimes it’s really hard to see these people for who they are, I get that. But I know a lot of individuals who are aware of their partner’s toxic nature, and still choose to stay in their relationship regardless of the consequences. Thinking that love means accepting literally anything. But secretly hoping that one day, their partner might change…

If you ask me, that right there is how you create a vicious cycle of manipulation.

Hey, you! Wake up. Wake up from your illusion.

A person who plays with your emotions does not deserve your love. They do not deserve your respect, your attention, your affection, your kiss, your touch, your presence. They do not deserve your efforts. Your love is out-of-this-world precious. It is something truly rare and genuine. You should give it away on someone who cannot appreciate it.

A person who always blames you for everything does not deserve to be in your life. Someone who cannot own up to their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions is not someone you need around you. An individual like that would never admit that they’ve made a  mistake, much less apologize for their wrongdoings. You have to understand it once and for all. Passing on guilt is the worst thing a person can do to you. It only shows immaturity and disrespect.

A Person Who Manipulates You Through Guilt Does Not Deserve Your Love

A person whose actions do not match their words is playing you. People who say one thing and end up doing a completely another are not people you want in your life. They cannot be trusted, for the minute you turn their back, they will stick a knife in it. Trust me, I’ve met these people. They know what they are doing.

A person who uses your insecurities and fears against you does not love you. What else should I say? It is clear as a day. When a person uses your past traumas, your weaknesses, those things that hurt you the most to get what they want, it’s obvious. It is not your heart they want, it’s something else. And trust me, they would do anything to get it. Even if that means hurting you or playing with your heart in the process… 

So, let go. Let go and stop being afraid of the unknown… Stop worrying about what the future has in store for you. As long as you have love within your heart, you, my friend, will be okay…

Stephanie Reeds