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Every Woman Is Guilty Of Losing Herself Into The Arms Of A Toxic Man


Relationships should make your life better and happier. A good relationship adds value and beauty to your life and makes you more fulfilled as a person.  

But what happens when instead of getting the love you deserve with the right man, you are in a relationship with a toxic man?

How many women out there have wondered whether they would ever be able to get their lives back to normal after dating a man who was toxic to them?

There are women who are ashamed to admit they have stayed so long in a toxic relationship because they don’t want people to think they haven’t had the strength to save themselves and walk away from the toxic person.

The truth is…

At some point, many women have dated a man who made them lose their sense of self-worth. Because they’ve fallen for their charm and their sweet words, and they’ve allowed him to make all the decisions for them.

They’ve dated someone who has sucked the happiness out of their lives. They’ve forgotten how to be happy and enjoy the little things because they’ve been more concerned about how they looked or how they behaved.

They’ve dated a man who they thought they knew. They were sure he is the one. They were sure he can’t be that bad. They were convincing themselves that it was just a phase and that he would be the loving and the charismatic man like he was when they first met him.

They blindly trusted their feelings that there is something good in him. They really believed that he loved them, but he was incapable of showing his love. Therefore, they’ve created all kinds of excuses for his rude behavior.

They’ve been telling themselves that everything is okay, and they’ve presented their relationship as the best thing that’s happened to them, while the truth was that the toxic man has made them feel weak, insecure, and afraid to live.  

But the truth was, they’ve dated a man who couldn’t love anyone other than himself. They were in love with a cold man, someone who made them feel alone even when he was sitting right next to them.

They’ve dated a manipulator, a man capable of destroying other people’s lives in order to achieve his goals.

Someone who wanted them to make him the center of their world. Someone jealous. Someone who was “punishing” them by ignoring them. Someone who made them feel scared to confront him. Someone who made them think they were the crazy and obsessive one.

But the things they’ve gone through with him are the reason why these women are among the strongest ones in the world.

They are the strongest ones because they’ve been through hell and they’ve survived.

They are brave for opening their heart for love after it was shattered into million pieces.

Because when they left him, they learned how strong and capable they really are. When they left him, they learned how to love themselves again.

Mary Wright