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9 Warning Signs You’re Stuck In An Argument With A Psychopath


Psychopaths can make others believe that they’re just like everyone else. They use their charm to fool everyone into thinking that they’re well-mannered, reserved, and fair. Often, it’s only when they get into an argument that their true colors start to shine.

Their deceitful ways may have fooled you, leaving you unknowingly dealing with a monster. These are 9 warning signs you’re stuck in an argument with a psychopath.

1. They Lie

Psychopaths are pathological liars. When you find yourself in an argument with one, they can’t help but lie. Even when they do tell the truth, they only tell half-truths and will often bend it to fit their narrative.

2. They Refuse to Accept Blame

Nothing is ever their fault. They’ll try to blame you for everything that’s wrong. If they can’t use you as their scapegoat, they’ll find someone else to put the fault onto. They have no idea how to accept responsibility for themselves.

3. The Same Rules Don’t Apply to Them

These people are the biggest hypocrites that you will ever meet. They’ll put you down for something that they’ve one before. If you call them out on it, they’ll tell you all the reasons why those two situations are different, even if they’re not at all.

4. They Don’t Understand Your Feelings

It’s as if you have to explain basic human emotions to them. They don’t understand how you can feel upset or angry about certain things, even if they would make sense to anyone else. Trying to get them to empathize with you is completely pointless.

5. They Belittle You

Nothing that you do is ever good enough for them. When you’re arguing they tell you everything that they think that you’re doing wrong and what you could be doing better. Your feelings aren’t valid to them and anything that you say has little to no meaning in their minds.

6. Their Mood Changes Rapidly

They quickly jump from happy, to furious, to upset, to trying to charm you once again. Their emotions change more than they change their clothes. It can make arguing with them completely impossible because you never know what reaction you’re going to get.

7. They Play the Victim

Psychopaths like to play the role of the innocent victim that can do no harm. They think that the world is out to get them and that no one understands them. No matter how vicious they are in an argument, they’ll accuse you of being the one who’s attacking them and hurting their feelings.

8. They Attack You Emotionally

When they have nothing left to argue, and it seems like you’re winning, they’ll resort to nasty tactics. They’ll insult you, call you names, swear at you, whatever they can to make sure that they don’t lose. They will attack you emotionally and, in severe cases, even physically.

9. It’s Like You’re Arguing with Mulitple People

Just like their moods switch at lightning speed, so does everything else. They can change their opinions, their lies, and even their stories. You might as well be arguing with 10 different people.

If you’re in an argument with someone who does these things then get out as fast as you can. It’s likely that the person you’re talking to is a psychopath. There’s no point in arguing with these people as they will never see reason.

Share this article with your friends and family. No one should be left arguing with a psychopath without realizing it.

Eva Jackson