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A Heartbreaking Story Of A Husband’s Love For His Wife


Once upon a time, in one town lived a man who was happily married to a very beautiful woman. Everyone in the city was giving him compliments about the beauty of his wife which was always making him feel proud and happy.

But, after a few years, his wife was diagnosed with a rare skin disease and no doctor was able to cure her infection.

When the wife found out about her disease, she became scared that by losing her beauty she will also lose the love of her husband.

Her husband was desperately trying to cheer her up but without any success. She was sad and depressed and started avoiding her husband because she didn’t want her husband to see her.

However, one day, her husband went out of town for work. On his way back home, he had an accident and he lost both his eyes.

The wife was feeling very sorry about him, but with time they started living their life normally. She stopped avoiding her husband, and she was always by his side, helping him with his work.

One day, the wife died, and her husband was left alone. He loved his wife a lot and because he couldn’t bear living in the same place without her, he decided to leave the town.

But just before he was about to leave, a neighbor approached him and said: “Can you live alone? For all these years you had your wife to take care of you, and now she is gone… Can you move around without any help?”

The husband replied: “My dear friend, I am not blind. For all these years I pretended to be blind so that my wife wouldn’t hide from me anymore and be by my side. I told her I am blind to save her from the hurt of her fading beauty. She was a good wife and I only wanted to see her happy.”

Moral of the story: A true and loving relationship is not based on looks, but on mutual love, trust, and compassion that two people have for one another.

Mary Wright