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Every Time You Feel Uncertain Or Unsettled In Life, Read This


This is for you. You who feels uncertain. You who feels unsettled. You who struggles. You who feels unseen and unheard. You who fears wasting your time and never making your dreams come true. You who is constantly fighting silent battles and feels like you are not on the right path.

Hear me out. Here are my hopes for you.

I hope that you don’t allow anyone to influence your decisions. You do what’s best for you regardless of what others tell you to do. And I hope that you do things that will put a smile on your face and will fill your heart with love and happiness. I hope you live every day like you are on cloud nine without rushing through life just because you are scared that it’s slipping it away from you. Rather, I hope you grasp every moment of it and live like there is no tomorrow.

I hope that you trust the process and the timing of your life. I hope you realize that life’s not a race and that sometimes it is okay to stop and slow down for a minute before we go on chasing our dreams. You will get everything you want in the right timing. Until then, enjoy the journey because that’s the best part. And I hope that anytime you feel stuck, you find the strength in you to make one small step forward because that little step in the right direction can sometimes change everything.  

I hope you don’t forget to enjoy the present while focusing on the future. I hope you heal from all the past pain and start trusting again. I hope you open your eyes and your heart to see every beautiful thing that is right in front of you. I hope you forget all about those who hurt you and stop being afraid of what the future may bring.

I hope you also realize that there is always something that is waiting for you and desiring someone just like you in their life. There is always something good and positive around the corner, waiting for you. That’s why I hope you never give up.

I hope you clear all the mess that is in your head and calm your anxious heart. I hope you stop worrying and overthinking so much and realize that sometimes the best thing is letting go and leaving behind everything that doesn’t make you happy.

And finally, I hope you know that you don’t have to have everything figured out. Everyone runs at a different pace. However, the important thing is to remain faithful and have a positive mind and an open heart to receive all the blessings from the universe when you are ready for them.

I hope you forget all about your past mistakes and forgive yourself for them. I also hope that you learn from them and become even stronger and wiser.

I hope you never forget that great things come to those who patiently wait. So, keep waiting and in the meantime enjoy your time here on Earth.

Mary Wright