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To Every Mom Who Is Sick And Tired Of Always Being The One Who Remembers Everything


Maybe you don’t think of yourself as such, but your role in the house is as important as that of a classified judge who resolves the most important crimes. Okay, maybe the scandals and “crimes” you are handling every day are not that serious but think about it – when your nervous 9-year-old can’t find something and you tell them it is above the pile of books, behind the tissues on your nightstand – you are kind of an important person.

And while you at the pile of books, you remember that you need to renew your library card. And while you are at it, you should go to the store for some milk and bread. I get it. You are tired. You are exhausted of always being the one who must remember everything.

You have to think ahead for everything – birthday parties, game days, home-works, tests… you name it. On top of that, you have to make sure that their clothes are always clean, that they have eaten their meals, that they don’t forget their gym shoes or their homework. When you have little kids, you are the one who does all the thinking, planning, and remembering all that can sometimes exhaust you.

“When performing tasks, I am often on autopilot, but, mentally, I am shuffling through calendars, social events, grocery lists, to-do lists and verbal requests my three children are constantly putting into the universe,” one mom confessed.

This also includes having to know where a certain item is located at any time because there will always be something that you are supposed to find because “Mum knows where it is.” But even though sometimes you think you should stop helping your kids find the missing items, you can’t help yourself because you have always been the ‘finder’ in the house and you kind of love your role.

And at the end of the day, you love feeling needed. However, you won’t mind if someone else in the house tried to remember some of the things and help you out. After all, it is not your responsibility to know everything, but you probably do and sometimes you feel as that will never change…

Mary Wright