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Every Successful Relationship Is Successful Because Of These 10 Precise Reasons


When it comes to happy and successful relationships, we can safely say that every relationship is different and special in its own way.

However, there are some things that are extremely important, and if the relationship is lacking some of them – it is most probably not a strong one.

Here are 10 things that all people who are in happy relationships have in common:

1. They Have Realistic Expectations

Having true love and partnership means choosing someone consciously. It is not a choice that we make while we are emotional and our hormones are going wild. Rather, it is a real commitment that we make because we have decided that this is the partner that we need in our life.

This is an unglamorous type of love. It requires seeing the other person as they are and accepting their insecurities and flaws. It means loving someone unconditionally when they are at their best and loving them and supporting them, even more, when they are at their worst. And while it may be hard at times, this is the only love that is real.

2. They Talk Honestly and Openly About Everything – Especially the Things That Hurt Them

You must be willing to talk with your partner whenever something is bothering you in the relationship. Discussing it with them will build even more trust and intimacy in your relationship. Being vulnerable and sharing your pain with your partner can strengthen the bond between you.

Besides, no one could fix your relationship. Only you and your partner can. Trust is the crucial thing here. You must trust your partner to be able to talk to them about anything. And trust is the foundation of every successful relationship.

3. They Give Each Other Space

Giving each other space could mean many things, from having separate credit cards and separate hobbies and friends to separate bedrooms and vacations.

And many people could find themselves scared to give their partner space because they (falsely) think that their partner will grow distant from them. But, this is not the case. Partners in all healthy relationships have clear boundaries and respect for the other person’s needs and wants. They let their partner to ‘be who they are’.

4. They Understand That Respect Is More Important Than Communication

Communication is important, but arguments are inevitable in any relationship. In times when communication breaks and partners can’t seem to agree with one another, the only thing that keeps partners together is mutual respect.

You must respect your partner and trust them if you want a successful relationship.

5. They Are Together for The Right Reasons

People who have successful relationships are those who refused to stay in a relationship for the wrong reasons, such as pressure from family and friends, loneliness, their partner is ‘good on paper’, or ‘settling-down’ for the first person that came along because they hated being single.

A successful and happy relationship requires two genuine individuals who are already complete on their own and they are not looking for a partner to complete them.

6. They Know That A Healthy and Happy Relationship Requires Two Healthy and Happy Individuals

The important thing here is that every person in the relationship needs to keep their own interests, perspectives, and identity. Every attempt at controlling or manipulating your partner into doing what you want is going to backfire sooner or later.

Also, trying to change your partner will destroy their identity and will make you both miserable. It will also destroy your relationship.

7. They Are Good at Fighting

It seems that couples who fight together, stay together. But, they know how to fight without criticizing or offending their partner. They choose to fight in a healthy way. They fight to save their relationship, not to inflict damage.

They never insult their partner, they never bring past fights and mistakes, and they understand that they don’t have to be right all the time because everyone is different and has its own perspectives.

8. But, They Are Also Good at Forgiving

Couples who embrace fighting to solve conflicts and save the relationship, also embrace the noble act of forgiveness. They understand that no one is perfect, and everyone is prone to making mistakes along the way.

And the important thing in every successful relationship is that partners choose carefully their battles. That means that they don’t argue over unimportant things and they are quick to forgive their partner than risking destroying their relationship.

9. They Understand That Sex Matters… A Lot

Sexual satisfaction and intimacy are essential for every successful relationship. It is all about physically connecting the bodies that lead to forming strong emotional bonds and lasting relationships.

The lack of sex, on the other hand, often results in dissatisfaction, conflicts, and depression.

10. They Embrace the Fact That Both They and Their Partner Will Grow and Change in Unexpected Ways

People change. And partners in successful relationships understand this and embrace these changes. The change can happen due to many circumstances such as a death of a family member, a change of religion, a change of political beliefs and so on.

The important thing is that relationships survive because partners support and stay with each other during anything.

Have you experienced a relationship like this?

Mary Wright


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