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Every Painful Ending Is A New Beginning Of Something Better


You are heartbroken. I understand your pain. I’ve been there. I know all the destructive thoughts and gut-wrenching emotions that happen inside you and plague your mind. I can see the heartbreak all over you. I can see it in the desolated and hurt look in your eyes. I can see that you’ve spent many sleepless nights crying.

The heartbreak must have hit you hard. You’ve lost weight. You’ve lost your vitality and the color in your face. The things that were previously making you happy, have lost the power to do it. Apathy is screaming from you now.

I can almost feel that all you want to do is to get away from everything, lock yourself in a room, and stay there until the pain passes.

I know your pain. I’ve felt it on my skin many times. I can almost feel the despair and hopelessness that’s circling around you, dimming your shine. I understand that you might have lost your faith and optimism, but please hear me out.

Your pain will end, and it will pave the way for something more beautiful. Every heartbreak is an opportunity in disguise to transform yourself and your life and get prepared for something better and new that will come into your life.

For every end, there is a new beginning. For every loss, there is a new opportunity for victory. That’s the circle of life. So, don’t give up.

And if you don’t believe me, believe and listen to the voice that is above all of us.

Believe in God. Whenever you are in pain and heartbroken, turn to God. Ask for guidance and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Believe that God has something better for you. Trust that God has put you through the pain because you needed to build strength and resilience to prepare you for what’s coming next in your path. And it will be something wonderful and worthy of your love.

Trust in the Divine that you will meet the love of your life. And when that happens, everything will make sense to you. That new love will brush away all your pain and mend your heart. And it won’t hurt this time.

Mary Wright