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7 Things You Need To Be Aware Of If You Are In Love With An Overthinker


Relationships are hard. They require a lot of work and effort. But, being in a relationship with an overthinker is a struggle on its own.

If you are in a relationship with an overthinker, it is crucial that you understand your partner’s needs and desires so that you can have a loving and long-lasting relationship.

Here are 7 things that you must be aware of if you are in love with an overthinker.

1. They Need Your Compassion

Overthinkers spend so much time thinking and worrying about everything that has happened or will happen that they forget to enjoy the present moment. They are easily frustrated and overwhelmed, so you need to be extra careful and compassionate with them. You need to give them space that doesn’t feel like a threat to them and your relationship. Compassion is often the key to any problem that you might have.

2. Good Communication Can Be Everything

If you want to avoid conflicts and fights that may occur in your relationship, you need to be really good at expressing yourself and communicating your emotions and thoughts to your partner. You must be also willing to take responsibility for your actions and say you are sorry when you mess something up. Because overthinkers tend to always second-guess everything, so be clear with your communication with them.

3. Overthinking Doesn’t Make Them Crazy

Everyone is guilty of overthinking sometimes. And the people who do it on an everyday basis are certainly not crazy for doing it. They just spend more time analyzing everything than others. They are still fun, kind, and compassionate human beings. So, when they are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, you need to be patient with them because they are only trying to protect themselves.

4. They Are Those Rare Souls Who Still Believe In The One

In spite of all the struggles and all the baggage that this modern dating brings – they still believe in the one. They still believe that you are their fairytale partner who can sweep them off their feet. And if you don’t have the same feelings for them, please let them know and save them from many hours of being in their head and overthinking different scenarios that might be going on with you.

5. It Is Not Their Fault

You need to understand that overthinkers are not guilty of behaving the way they are behaving and overthinking. They are like that and it’s not their fault. It is not something that can be easily fixed. They need to be aware of and work on this issue every single day. So, if you are dating an overthinker, you need to accept them as they are and not try to change them.

6. They Are Awfully Genuine And They Need You To Be Too

An overthinker believes that people are truly good at heart, and this belief is what gets them into trouble sometimes. They believe in authenticity because they are authentic and genuine themselves. They want only true love. So, if you are not ready for a real relationship, and you are not planning to be there when they need you the most – then step away from them.

7. They Need You To Be Confident

Overthinking can really lead to conflicts and problems in the relationship. For instance, they may read too much into any text or a phone call. Whenever you are upset or angry, they always assume the worst and that’s why they need constant reassurance of your feelings. This can be too much at times, but you need to be confident that you have something real and worth fighting for.

Mary Wright