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Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Tried So Hard For Him

Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Tried So Hard For Him

Love. Support. Comfort. Affection. Attention. Understanding… That woman gave you everything without asking you for anything in return. She was a firm believer that love should be easy, and one should never beg for someone’s love. That’s why she loved you unconditionally. Her only flaw was trusting that you would change and someday you’ll love her back.

But, she got tired. She got tired of being the only one who was fighting for your connection. She decided to walk away even though she loved you still so that she can heal. At first, you didn’t notice her absence. But, as time passed, you started missing her when you were all alone and lonely at night. And now you want her back. You want back her love and the affection she was giving to you.

Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Tried So Hard For Him

Wait! Don’t do it. Don’t you dare confuse her and mess up her healing process. She deserves a better man. Someone who will love her and see her worth. Someone who will give her all the things you couldn’t give her when she was with you.

She will find her person. Don’t try to ruin her happiness. You had your chance with her, and you blew it. So, now, don’t be mad to see her moving on with her life.

And don’t try to blame her for leaving you and not loving you enough to stay. She has stayed. She has given you many chances. Walking away from you doesn’t make her weak. It means she has been strong for so long waiting for you to change your mind and finally choose her. It means loving you with all her heart and you breaking it in the end.

She still loved you, but she realized that it was more painful for her to stay with you than to walk away. You may not be a toxic man, but you were to her. You were selfishly taking all her love for granted and what did you give her? Only confusion, pain, tears, and many sleepless nights.

She wanted to build a life with you. She wanted you to love her and fight for her the way she did for you. But you shattered her hopes every time. Now, she only wants to be far away from you.

She is scared that if you come close to her, promising her the world, she will cave in. She is scared that her feelings for you will come back again and this time she wouldn’t be so strong to leave again.

So, this time, please – give her up. Forget her number. Forget her name. Let her heal and forget you. Let her find love and happiness elsewhere because she will never find those things with you.

Mary Wright